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Video Streaming Solutions:

Minimum Requirements for Video Streaming:

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Mac OSX 
  • High Speed Internet (minimum 384 Kbps)
  • Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, or Google Chrome

Test Video Streaming Link:

If the test video streaming link did not open for you please try the most common solutions below. If at any time during the process your videos start to work there is no need to continue.

Solution 1: Clear Cache, Cookies, and/or Change Browsers

Step 1: Clear the cache and cookies on your current web browser. Please follow these instructions if you need assistance clearing your web browser's cache, cookies, and history. 

Step 2: Use a different web browser. For example: if you are currently using Internet Explorer try using Firefox. 

  • Download the current version of Firefox
  • Download the current version of Chrome.

Step 3: (If using Internet Explorer)

Solution 2: Update Flash Player

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Unselect the option to "Install McAfee Security Scan Plus"

Step 3: Click "Download now"

Step 4: Your download should now begin. Follow the instructions to install Flash.

Archived Videos: Update to Real Player 16

Step 1: Visit If on Mac visit

Step 2: Click the orange button labeled "Real Player Free Download".

Download Link

Step 3: Download the file.

Step 4: When download completes open the file.

Step 5: Click "Accept".

Click Acept to start to start installation

Step 6: Unselect the option to include "Norton Internet Scan"
Un-Check the box

Step 7: Wait for the Program to install.
Wait for installation to finish

Step 8: After installation finishes restart your computer (You may want to bookmark this page).

Step 9: After computer restarts open Real Player by selecting the icon on your desktop.

Step 10: Click the "Real Player" logo in the top left hand corner of the program, then click "Preferences"

Navigate to Prefrences

Step 11: In preferences navigate to "Playback Settings" and unselect "Enable Pausing & Seeking within internet clips" and "Cache on demand Streams for faster..", then click OK.

Uncheck the boxes to disable these features.

To learn more about RealPlayer view the RealPlayer Information page.

Contact IRT Service Desk

If the solutions did not solve your problem, please fill out the video streaming support form, or visit the IRT Service Desk: