Registration and Class Search

I am unable to drop my class online. What should I do?

If registration is still active for the term in question, there may be some sort of restriction on the class that prevents you from dropping it.  In this case, you may try contacting the academic department offering the class to find out if they have placed special restrictions on the class.

If we have reached the period at the beginning of the term where all adds and drops must be done by petition, you will need to fill out an add/drop form and submit it to the academic department offering the class in order to have them perform the drop transaction on your behalf. You can review the Academic Calendar online for dates associated with registration.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further details regarding add/drop petitions.

The system says I have reached my enrollment limit and will not allow me to enroll in any more classes. What can do?

If you have reached your enrollment limit you will not be able to register for additional classes at this time. However, there is a possibility that your enrollment limit may be increased once the “Open Enrollment” period begins during the first week of classes. For further details on enrollment limits, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Registration is closed and I need to add a class who do I contact?

You may try contacting the academic department offering the desired class to see if they will perform the enrollment transaction on your behalf. Depending upon the current date, the department may ask you to submit an add/drop petition or they may tell you that you have missed the final deadline for enrollment. Please visit the Academic Calendar for dates/deadlines associated with registration.

The system says that I do not meet the requisites for the class I've chosen but I should. What can I do?

First, make sure that you have read the full course description to be sure that you meet all requirements. There are often cases where students are transferring in coursework that should meet course requisites but that information has not yet been processed within the Evaluations Office. If you end up in this situation, you will need to contact the academic department offering the course to ask about having them override the requisite and perform the registration action on your behalf.

How do I register for my classes?

Log in to My Sac State and select the Student Center link. Once inside the Student Center, select the Registration link and then the Add tab. You will then be able to search for classes or enter specific class numbers if you have them.

Please note that the enrollment process includes three steps and you will need to complete the full process before you are actually registered. You will first enter/select the desired class and indicate that you wish to add it. The class will be added to your Enrollment Shopping Cart at which point you will select the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button and then Finish Enrolling before receiving confirmation that you are registered or an error indicating that the transaction failed.

Are there any other ways to register for classes outside of My Sac State?

Sac State uses My Sac State’s online registration as its primary method of registration. The only exceptions to this rule are if a department is willing to add a class for you during the regular registration period and registration that occurs at the beginning of the semester when add/drops are completed by submission of petitions to the academic departments. For further information regarding registration, please contact the Registrar's Office.

When do I register for the upcoming semester?

You can determine your upcoming registration date by accessing your Student Center within My Sac State. Along the right side of your Student Center page you will find an Enrollment Dates box. Click the Details link within the box to change the term if necessary and view further information on the specific date and time you can begin registering.

If you do not see a box for your enrollment date, you do not have a current enrollment appointment at this time. The Registrar’s Office sets those dates and can be contacted for details on when your enrollment appointment should be created.

The system says I do not have a valid enrollment appointment when I try to register. What do I do?

You may not have an enrollment appointment set up or your enrollment appointment may not have begun at this point. Please review the Enrollment Dates box on your Student Center. Click the Details link to view the specific time of day that your enrollment appointment begins and make sure that you should currently be able to register.

If you do not currently have an enrollment appointment listed or if your appointment appears to be active and you’re still receiving an error, please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information regarding your status.

The system says I do not have access to the class schedule when I try to register. What do I do?

Please review the Holds section of your Student Center page to make sure that you do not have a Registration hold. If a registration hold exists you will need to have the hold removed before you are able to register. If you do not currently have any registration holds, please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information regarding your status.

How can I get an earlier registration date/time?

The Registrar’s Office sets up the enrollment appointments for students but there is no exceptions process where dates/times are modified. Once your enrollment appointment begins you may register at any point after that time while registration is still open for students.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further details on registration policy and procedures.

This message indicates that the academic department offering the class has restricted registration for this particular course. You will need to contact the academic department for further information about how to register for the course.

I would like to switch one of my classes for another class. Is there a way to prevent losing my spot in the class I'm already enrolled in if I don’t get into the new one?

Yes, you can use the “swap” option which is available in the Registration section of your Student Center. The swap tab allows you to select a class you’re currently enrolled in and indicate the course you would like to add instead. If an error is produced and you cannot be added to the new class, your enrollment in the original class will remain intact.

I'm registered for a class with multiple components (e.g., lecture, lab, and activity). I would like to change the time of one of those components but keep the other ones without losing my spot. How can I do this?

If all the components in question are part of a single class then you will not be able to switch a single portion of the class. Registration for multiple component classes requires that all portions of the class be added/dropped at once. However, you can try contacting the academic department offering the class to see if they are willing to adjust your enrollment on your behalf and ensure that you do not lose your spot.

I am trying to register and it says the class number I am entering is “invalid.” What do I do?

First, verify that you are in the correct term for the class you are entering. If the system still indicates that the number is invalid, please try searching for the class instead. If you are unable to locate the desired class, contact the academic department offering the class to inquire about its status and whether it’s still being offered.

I am trying to register and the system says the class number I'm entering is a “duplicate”. What do I do?

Typically this occurs when you are already enrolled in the desired class or if you have been previously registered and then dis-enrolled from the same class. Verify that the desired course does not show up when you review your existing class schedule. If you are not currently registered for the course, try using the class search option to locate and select the course rather than entering the class number.

I was registered for classes but they have all disappeared. What’s going on?

If you were actually enrolled in courses and they have been dropped from your schedule, the most common reason for this would be non-payment of fees. If you suspect that you may have missed the deadline for fee payment you can contact the Student Financial Services Center for confirmation and an explanation of when you will be eligible to re-register for courses. Alternately, it’s possible that there is a problem with your academic status and you are no longer eligible to enroll in courses. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further details on your eligibility for enrollment.

 Waitlists are purged just before the beginning of each term so if you were waitlisted for the missing classes, this is a normal process. University policy dictates that waitlists become unofficial once the term starts. Once classes begin, it’s officially up to each course instructor to determine whether students can be added. Although faculty members are encouraged to print and use the waitlist as a reference, the ultimate decision regarding who gets added is up to them.

I'm not able to find a particular class. What do I do?

Double check the search criteria you are using to make sure that it’s not excluding the desired class from your search results. Below you’ll find some suggested items of which to be aware:

Make sure you have selected the appropriate term.

Verify whether the “Show Open Classes Only” box is checked; if so, you will not see any closed or waitlisted classes. 

Make sure you are using the Course Number and Class Nbr fields correctly. Course Number refers to the number included in the name of the class (e.g., “100” for COMS 100) and Class Nbr refer to the unique, 5-digit call number that’s assigned to each class section.

If you are still unable to locate the desired class, it’s possible that the academic department offering the class has set it up to be inaccessible via the class search feature. Please contact the academic department for confirmation.

I am trying to search for classes on particular days but I'm not getting any results. Is there something I can do?

You may need to adjust the setting above the checkboxes for the days of the week. This value defaults to “include only these days” but can be changed to “include any of these days” or exclude versions of both those options. The “include only” option looks for classes that meet on all the days you selected and no others. For example, if you select Monday/Wednesday, the system will not return classes that only meet on Monday or classes that meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Using the “include any” option is more flexible and will provide you wider results.