Account and Login Information

I am unable to log into My Sac State. What do I do?

Once a student leaves the University their SacLink account only remains active temporarily. It’s possible that your account may be inactive. You can verify the status of your account by contacting the Service Desk.

If you believe that you have simply forgotten your username or password, please see the "forgot username" and "forgot password" FAQs in this section for further instructions.

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Do alumni have access to My Sac State?

My Sac State access is provided via the use of SacLink accounts. Alumni are not provided continuing access to SacLink accounts and related services such as My Sac State. However, your SacLink account will remain active temporarily once you graduate or leave the University. During this grace period you will continue to have access to My Sac State. When your account approaches its expiration date you will begin receiving notification emails regarding the impending change to your SacLink account.