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I’m clicking the Submit button to submit my time entry but the system isn’t responding (i.e., I don’t get a pop-up saying my session was submitted and I don’t see the Process Monitor link). What should I do?

Normally this type of behavior is caused by some sort of special character in the Description field. Try removing any special character from your description like “/”, “-“, or even spaces. By manipulating the Description field, you should be able to get the Submit button to respond. Please note that this behavior is intermittent and may be triggered by a description format you’ve used successfully in the past.

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I’m trying to approve time but the expected time entries aren’t coming up for approval. What should I do?

Normally this means some kind of error occurred with processing the particular time entry or entries. The Master Timekeeper for your area should be able to use the Time and Labor Launch Pad to look up the time in question and confirm its status (i.e., determine if an error was produced). If the time in question was entered today, it’s possible that the entry just hasn’t processed through yet and you may want to try waiting until the next day before testing the approval process again. (Note: A process runs overnight to try and submit any current time entries that were not successfully submitted during the day.)

I’m trying to key time for a student assistant but I get an “invalid value” message when entering their EmplID. What should I do?

This type of problem would typically be caused by an issue with the student’s job data. For example, maybe their job data hasn’t been entered/updated yet or maybe the “Effective Date” of their job hasn’t arrived. Additionally, there can be an issue with the “time reporter” data not being filled out by Payroll Services. You can contact the appropriate Payroll staff member ( to verify that there isn’t an issue with the job record in question. If everything is OK on the job record, the source of the problem could be a security issue. Please contact the Service Desk for further investigation into the issue.

I'm trying to run an LCD report but no data is displayed in the results. What's wrong?

LCD reports cannot be run for any given month until the “month end close” process has been completed. The data is normally available during the second week after the end of the month in question and a related notification is normally distributed to users. (Note: The exception to this process is the period that spans the “year end close” process. The months of June and July are consolidated into one and data for the whole period is normally available by the second week of August. The same is true for chargeback information found in the CCR report.)

I’m trying to save my online job application and I’m receiving a message “unable to save your application data at this time” message. What should I do?

The cause of this error is unknown but you should be able to resolve it by exiting the online application system, logging back in and going directly to the Applications link under My Career Tools to re-open your application and trying saving/submitting again. Note: Unfortunately, any unsaved data at the time you received the initial error will be lost and must be re-entered at this point.

I’m working on an online job application and I’ve received a message saying “Data being added conflicts with existing data”. What should I do?

Please try existing the online job application system and re-entering it to see if you are able to get past this error. If not, there may be a technical problem causing the issue that needs to be resolved by our system support staff. Please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.

There are few things to check if you’re having difficulty opening files attached to a job application. First, make sure you’re not receiving a “pop-up blocked” message across the bottom or top of your screen. If you are receiving this kind of message, please click on the message and look before an option to “always allow pop-ups from this site”.

If you're using Internet Explorer, try holding down the control (CTRL) key while clicking the link/icon for the file. Keep the control key held down while you wait for the file to open. This technical typically resolve the issue for IE users.

I’ve entered data on my job application but when I go back to the application, the information is blank again. What’s going on?

If application information is being lost, you may be missing a step in the save process. The application data is organized into sections like Work Experience and Education History. When you select the option to add data to any of these sections, you’ll receive a subpage on which to enter the information. When finished with this subpage you’ll be able to click a button that says “OK” (or something similar) and be returned to the main application page. At this point, the data you’ve entered appears on the larger display of the full application. However, the application itself has not been saved. Please use the Save button at the top or bottom of this main application screen to make sure that your data is actually saved.

This situation occurs when the original file uploaded is in a .docx format and the person attempting to open the document has a MS Office version prior to 2007. First, the appropriate file converted from Microsoft will need to be installed ( Once the converted is installed, a few additional steps are necessary to make the download function properly. Right click the desired file and select the “Save As” option. Change the File Type option to “All Files” and change the file name to end in the “.docx” extension. Once these steps have been accomplished, you should be able to open the saved file on your machine.

I'm trying to attach a resume, cover letter or other file to my online job application but I'm receiving an error. What should I do?

First, please make sure there are no errors in the file extension at the end of your file name such as "..docx" instead of ".docx" of ".pds" instead of ".pdf".

Second, make sure your file name is under 50 characters in length. Try shortening the file name and removing any special characters. Contact the Service Desk for further assistance if the process is still producing an error.