Absence Management - Vacation Accruals


Vacation is an accrued benefit which provides time off with pay with management approval.


Vacation is accrued following 1 month of continuous service in a qualifying pay period.  A qualifying pay period consists of 11 days or more of pay.  For Intermittent employees, a qualifying pay period consists of an accumulation of 160 hours (this can take more than one month to accumulate).

 Accrual rates and eligibility are determined by bargaining unit and class code. The accrual rate is based on the employee’s time-base (ex: full time=full rate, part-time=pro-rated, intermittent=full rate after 160 hours) Please see CSU salary schedule for vacation accrual code.

Explanation of Salary Schedule Vacation accrual codes

Code                      Accrual Rate

                               1                        Determined by length of service
          2                        2 days per month
             3                        No vacation accrual
                                       4                        Determined by applicable trade letter



  • Accruals earned after 11 days of pay cannot be used until the first day of the following pay period.
  • Vacation must be used in increments of one-half hour (.50).

Vacation Maximums

Vacation maximums are determined by bargaining unit contracts. All employees eligible to earn vacation (represented and unrepresented) may accumulate unused vacation hours provided that, on December 31 the limit is not exceeded. See appropriate collective bargaining agreements for maximums.

Under certain conditions, as specified in the bargaining unit contracts, employees may be allowed to carry over more vacation than their maximums, if authorized by their supervisor and the appropriate Vice President.