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Temporary Agency Request

(Subject to change in the event of a new contract)

Temporary Agency employees can be appointed based upon department request and approval.  In order to begin the process, the department must complete the Request for Temporary Agency Employee form and submit it to Cathy Mangosing in Human Resources, Staff Employment (campus zip: 6032).  The department is not to contact the temporary agency at any time.  All requests must go through Human Resources. Please note that temporary placements cannot exceed 180 calendar days.  This includes weekends & holidays.

  • Currently the classifications and bill rates are as follows:



RECEPTIONIST – Answering phones, filing, copying, faxing, mailings, etc. (No computer work.)


DATA ENTRY OPERATOR – No software knowledge necessary; entering word processing into a pre-formatted environment only.  10,000 stroke per hour, 5% error rate.


SENIOR CLERICAL – Performing a variety of more difficult clerical duties, and/or providing a variety of software support in addition to word processing, e.g. Power Point, Access, Excel, e-mail, etc.


RECEPTIONIST/WORD PROCESSING CLERK – Performing word processing using Word or WordPerfect, answering phones; greeting visitors via phone and in person; light filing, copying, etc.


ACCOUNTING TECHNICIAN - Knowledge of financial record keeping, arithmetic calculations and general office procedures. Use of a PC, 10 key calculator, fax & photocopier. Ability to review financial documents for accuracy.


MAIL CLERK - Process USPS and campus mail including sorting, metering and accounting of mail and packages. Operate the equipment necessary to process mass mailings, including filling out proper paperwork. Prepare packages and media for shipping.


IT CONSULTANT – A basic foundation of knowledge and skills in technical information systems and application program packages. Knowledge of common software application packages, equipment platforms, reference database systems and sources, and training methods and a basic understanding of networks, data communication and multimedia systems.


  • Upon receipt of the form, Cathy Mangosing will contact the Temporary Agency to submit the hire request.  Agency personnel who best meet the department’s needs will be placed.  Generally positions can be filled within 24-48 hours, however if specialized skills are requested it may take longer to place a suitable candidate.
  • When the temporary agency finds a placement, they will contact Cathy Mangosing with the name and start date of the employee and Cathy will inform the department.  On the first day of work the employee will go to Human Resources/Employee Services, Del Norte Hall, Rm. 3005 to receive work assignment and parking information.
  • Invoices from the agency are received in Human Resources and processed for payment.  Upon payment an expenditure will be completed in order to reimburse Human Resources for the charges.  Funding information for the department must be completed on the Request for Temporary Agency Employee form.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Mangosing in the Human Resources/Employee Services Office at 278-5613.