Employee-Initiated Classification Review Request

Staff employees have a right within University policy and/or contract language to initiate a classification/skill level review of their position.  When an employee initiates a classification/skill level review request, the department is required to fund any salary increase due to advancement to a higher classification or skill level.


  1. Employees who initiate review requests should complete the following documents:


    All of these documents are required at the time of submission.  Incomplete packets will be returned to the initiating party.
    1. One (1) copy of the “old” (former) position description.
    2. One (1) original plus three (3) copies of the “new” position description signed by the employee, supervisor, and Appropriate Administrator (HEERA Designated Manager).  In signing the position description, the employee acknowledges that they understand management has the right to establish work assignments. The appropriate Dean or Program Center Manager must also counter sign the position description signifying concurrence with the contents.  The position description form is available on the HR Forms web page under Classification & Compensation.
    3. One (1) copy of an up-to-date department organization chart showing incumbents’ names, classifications, working titles and reporting relationships.
    4. A memorandum that explains why the review request is being submitted. The memo should include a signature line for the appropriate Vice President to sign when the paperwork is sent to him/her.
  2. It is the responsibility of the supervisor, appropriate administrator or Vice President to: 1) review the request, ensuring that the job description and comments provided by the employee reflect reported duties as assigned; and, 2) ensure their own review does not unnecessarily delay the submission of the review request to the Office of Human Resources (see Section I, G).  Per CSUEU bargaining unit contract: “If an administrator has not forwarded the request to Human Resources within thirty (30) days, the employee can file the request directly with Human Resources.”  (Section 9.26)
  3. The Office of Human Resources will acknowledge receipt of the request and respond with an approved classification decision within 180 days of receipt of all materials.  In order to achieve overall campus consistency, the time frame stipulated within the CSUEU bargaining unit contract (180 days from date of receipt) is also effective for Units 1, 4 and 6.  Per CSUEU bargaining unit contract: “An employee shall not submit such a subsequent request prior to twelve (12) months after completion of a previous classification review.” (Section 9.29)
  4. The Office of Human Resources will reach a classification/skill level decision and forward the written findings (the classification determination letter, along with additional copies for the manager and employee) to the Vice President for review.  Once the Vice President has reviewed the classification determination letter, the copies are then forwarded to the manager for review and distribution to the employee.  When the manager and the employee receive their copies, they must sign and date the “Manager/Employee Sign-Off” form to denote receipt.  This form accompanies their copies of the classification determination letter, and should be returned to the Office of Human Resources promptly.

For more information on the Classification & Compensation program (information, policy and procedures), please refer to the Classification Program web page.