Appeal Procedures

One procedure is used for all management and employee-initiated review requests within all bargaining units.

If a union contract does not stipulate an appeal process, this University process may be used.  This appeal procedure applies only to staff bargaining unit employees and positions.  This procedure is not available to HEERA designated managers or to united employees who wish to appeal a classification decision, which has denied them placement into the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) or Faculty/academic-related positions.

The purpose of the appeal process is to provide a formal method to resolve any difference of opinion between the employee and the original Classification reviewer regarding the classification decision and/or skill level.

1.    An employee may appeal a classification/skill level decision by completing an appeal form and submitting it to the Office of Human Resources.

a.   Download the Appeal Form

b.   The appeal must be received within thirty (30) calendar days after the employee receives the official written notice of the classification decision (the Classification determination letter).

2.    The Human Resources appeal reviewer (the Dean or a designee) will meet with the employee within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the appeal.

The reviewer may consider:

a.   The position description used in the review, and the Position Description Supplement;

b.   Relevant Classification and Qualification Standards and documentation on internal campus benchmark positions;

c.   Written and oral information from the Office of Human Resources, if appropriate;

d.   Written and oral information provided by the employee as part of their appeal;

e.   Information requested by the reviewer from the supervisor and/or appropriate administrator; and

f.    Any other information determined to be relevant to assist in making an appeal decision.

3.    The reviewer shall respond to the employee, in writing, no later than thirty (30) calendar days following the meeting with the employee.  The appeal level response shall be final.

4.    Managers, supervisors, and confidential employees shall not serve as the employee’s advocate through written or oral communications at the appeal level to Human Resources, Vice President for Human Resources or a designee.

5.    An employee may terminate a classification appeal at any time by submitting such a request in writing to the Office of Human Resources.