Process Definitions

Renew Current Bed Space

For Priority Returner Applicants Only!  Time period when current residents with Priority Applicant Status may renew their current bed space again for next academic year. 

  • Process only for spaces which are in buildings available to returning/upper division students – American River Courtyard, Sierra Hall and Sutter Hall.  (Desmond, Draper and Jenkins are for first time freshman only so returners are not eligible to return to those buildings.)
  • Only if that space is available for rent next year and is available in the reservation system. 


Time period when students and their mutually confirmed roommates may select bed spaces within a suite in which they can fill all available/remaining bed spaces in that suite.  Suite must be available in reservation system 

  • Examples:
    • Fill 4 beds within a 2x2 suite
    • Fill 3 remaining beds of a 5x2 suite if 2 beds are already reserved)

Fill Room   

Period when students and their mutually confirmed roommates may select bed spaces in which they fill bedroom in a suite in AMC or a whole room within the traditional halls

  • Examples:
    • Fill 1 bedroom of a 2x2 suite or apt,  (A/B side or C/D side)
    • 1 bedroom of a 5x2 suite,
    • 2 beds in a double room
    • 3 beds in a triple room.

Fill Bed Space   

 Time period when a student may select any open bed space available to them in the reservation system.

Room Swap   

Time period when students may list their currently reserved bed space up for swap for a different room type or room space they desire. 

  • Another resident with the desired room type/space may then respond and agree to swap their space for the other listed space.  Housing and Residential Life must review and approve before swap is finalized.

Exchange Current Room 

Enables applicants to view other available spaces even if they already have current reservation. 

NOTE:  Students who exchange their room using these two methods (Room Swap or Exchange Current Room) will NOT pull mutually confirmed roommates with them.  It will only move that individual student’s reservation.

Auto Assign Room Space    

Automated assignment process based on preferences students submitted in the Student Profile Information section of housing application. StarRez will make best possible match using what space is available at that time.

ROOM SELECTION TIMELINES - Click to see dates or Prioirty and Non-Priority Returners