Robert Stanley Oden

Institution where doctorate degree was earned:

University of California, Santa Cruz

Brief biography

Professor Oden has published various articles including in a monograph, Race, Poverty and Social Justice, (2007) co-authored "Advancing Service Learning as a Transformative method for Social Justice",Black Scholar Journal, "A Comparison of the Political Thought of Huey P. Newton and Osama Bin Ladin (2007), essay in Hurricane Katrina:  Response and Responsibilities, "Hurricane Katrina:  Recipe for More Disaster or Hopeful Reconstruction" (2005), and elsewhere.

Areas of research and interests:

Political Sociology, Social Movements, Urban Politics, Race and Ethnicity.

Undergraduate courses:

Politics of the Underrepresented, Introduction to Urban Politics, California State and Local Government.

Graduate courses:

Phone number: (916) 278-7099