Student Calling Program

Today's students connect with alumni


Shante' Johnson
Annual Giving Program Analyst
(916) 278-4354

The Student Calling Program enlists some of Sacramento State’s most outgoing and enthusiastic students to call on alumni, parents and friends to raise funds for the University. The Student Calling Program calls twice a year–in the fall to raise money for the Sac State Fund and in the spring to raise money for seven individual Colleges on campus .

The Student Calling Program not only generates much-needed funding for the University, but it gives students an opportunity to work on campus in a job that richly enhances their educational experience and communication skills. Students are interested in learning about ways you have been able to apply your Sac State education to career opportunities. They also will give you an update on the latest activities and events at Sacramento State. In addition, your student caller might also tell you a little about themselves and even ask for your advice.

When a student calls, he or she will tell you where they are calling from and the purpose of their call, and they will confirm your address in our database, access to which is strictly regulated. They also can apprise you of potential opportunities for matching gifts from your employer about which you might not be aware.