Minor in Gerontology

Senior Gleaners

Interested in adding to your career opportunities? Knowledge about aging and longevity can be used in all jobs!

With a Minor in Gerontology, you will learn to:

  • Better understand older adults
  • Provide information, goods and services to older adults/their families
  • Develop policies to address aging concerns/problems
  • Work in a setting where you can apply knowledge from both your major and minor

Requirements for the Gerontology Minor

Units required for the Minor: 21

  • GERO 100 - Aging Issues in Contemporary America
  • GERO 101 - Elder Care Services & Strategies
  • GERO 102 - Social Policy for an Aging Society
  • GERO 103 - Care Management in Gerontology Practice
  • GERO 131 - Gerontology Capstone Practicum
  • ETHN 133 - Cross-Cultural Aging in America
  • FACS 159 - Adulthood & Aging in Human Development or
  • GERO 121 - Models for Successful Aging or
  • GERO 122 - Managing Disorders in Elders

Please see the current CSUS Catalog for a full and up-to-date description, including course descriptions and prerequisities.

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