Jack Mrowka Memorial Scholarship Recipients

The Geography Department is proud to award the Mrowka Scholarship to one or more students each semester to acknowledge their outstanding scholarship and academic achievement. The award is given in memory of Jack Mrowka. Congratulations to the following award recipients for their hard work and academic accomplishments:

Jack Mrowka Memorial Scholarship Recipients
Emily Webb
Fall 2015
Kaitlyn Weber
Spring 2015
Chris O'Keefe
Fall 2014
Sherilyn Bethoney
Spring 2014
Jane Slavensky
Fall 2013
Andres Torres
Spring 2013
Alejandra Soria
Fall 2012
Jared Schuckert
Fall 2012
Aaron Owens
Fall 2011
Jacqueline Moore
Spring 2012

Jeremiah Hartin

Fall 2010
Dan Logan
Spring 2011
Diane Mastalir
Fall 2009
Kaydee Russo
Spring 2010
Katrina Smith
Fall 2008
Stacey Lee
Jennifer McHenry
Spring 2009
Heidi Mosher
Fall 2007
Jennifer Reynolds
Steve Theuring
Spring 2008
Tim Jones
Fall 2006
Kevin Yount
Spring 2007
Lori M. Grogan
Fall 2005
Tom Brinkhuis
Spring 2006
Christopher Burton
Fall 2004
Christopher M. Reddick
Spring 2005
Catherine Lambert
Fall 2003
Sara Linthicum
Spring 2004
Pamela Terry
Fall 2002
Ronnie Caluza
Spring 2003
Cindy Atchison
Fall 2001
Brian Soland
Spring 2002