Types of Aid

  • Scholarshipsphoto
    Scholarships are provided by a variety of sources including charitable organizations, corporations, businesss, and individual donors.  Scholarships do not need to be paid back by students, but students usually need to meet and maintain certain eligibility requirements.
  • Grant Programs
    Grants are provided by the federal government, the state government, or the University System (the CSU).  They do not need to be paid by students, but students must maintain eligibility.
  • Loan Programs
    Loans are provided by the federal government, accrue interest at a generally low rate, and must be paid back.  There are several types of loans and each type of loan has different interest and repayment requirements, so it is important to review student loan information carefully before accepting the funds.
  • Federal Work Study (FWS)
    Work Study is a special type of student employment at Sac State that helps eligible students earn funds for their educational expenses while getting worthwhile job experience.