SAP Appeal Process

SAP review begins after Spring grades post: mid-June.  Afterwhich, you will be notified of the results (i.e., eligible for aid or disqualified).  To view the results of your SAP standing, go to your Student Center and select the "Satisfactory Academic Progress" link under the Finances section. Students who are eligible to file a SAP Appeal, must submit the appeal and all required documentation by the semester deadline.  Monitor your MySacState Student Center regularly for udpates and notifications.

SAP Process

  1. Filing Your SAP Appeal
  2. SAP Appeal Decision
  3. Award Letter (if eligible)

SAP Appeal & Document Deadlines
Additional SAP Information

1. Filing Your SAP appeal

If you are required to file a SAP Appeal, your appeal will be made available on your To Do List.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the appeal link provided on the Appeal To Do List item and complete your appeal as instructed.  Your appeal must provide extenuating circumstance(s) as to why you did not meet one or more of the SAP standards.
  2. Submit your SAP appeal online. You must use the online form to submit your appeal, hardcopies will not be reviewed.  Appeals will not be made available after the semester deadline.
  3. Submit all SAP appeal documents initiated on your To Do List to the Student Service Center by the semester deadline

2. SAP Appeal Decision

Approved SAP appeals
If your appeal is approved, you will receive an "Approved SAP Appeal" notification on your To Do List for the semester that it is approved for.  You will be placed on a probation status and must make progress each semester while on probation to maintain aid eligibility.

Denied SAP appeals
If your appeal is denied, you will receive an email notification. You may consider the following options to help fund the current semester and/or the remainder of your program.

Appeal decisions are 3 - 5 business weeks once all SAP documents have been received.  While your appeal is being reviewed, you should be prepared to pay your tuition fees in full or sign-up for the Installment Payment Plan and make the required payments to avoid being dropped from your classes.

3. Award Letter
There are various conditions that must be met before you are considered for aid, such as, but not inclusive to:

  • Your SAP appeal must be approved
  • You are enrolled for the semester of approval
  • All of your finanical aid documents have been received
  • Your financial aid file is complete
  • You meet the aid program eligibility requirements

Award Letter Notifications are sent to students who have been awarded aid for the academic year. 



SAP Appeal & Document Deadlines

SAP Priority deadline: July 10, 2015

  • File by the priority deadline to receive a response on your appeal by August 14, 2015. 

Fall 2015 deadline:  September 28, 2015

  • If you are attending Fall 2015 only, you must submit your appeal online and your appeal documents by this deadline.

Spring 2016 deadline: February 19, 2016

  • If you are attending Spring 2016 only, you must submit your appeal online and your appeal documents by this deadline.
  • If you attended Fall 2015 and did not submit a Fall appeal or your Fall appeal was incomplete, you must submit a Spring appeal for consideration of spring aid.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attended the fall semester and file a Spring appeal, Fall grades must meet the SAP Progress Probation Check, for your Spring appeal to be considered.  You MUST make satisfactory academic progress in fall before you regain eligibility for Spring.


Additional SAP Information

  • All SAP appeal documents must be submitted (i.e., appeal, documentation and academic plan (if applicable)) before a decision can be made.
  • Incomplete appeals (i.e., missing appeal documents and/or academic plan) will not be reviewed after the semester deadline.  You will be notified if you must file an appeal for the subsequent semester or academic year.
  • Appeal documents submittted after the semester deadline will not be reviewed.
  • Every appeal must have documentation that corresponds with the specific semester(s) stated in your appeal, including full names of individuals mentioned.


Rev. 5/28/15