Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Sacramento State is required by federal law to reasonably measure a students Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in determining eligibility for financial aid.  The SAP policy governs eligibility for all Federal and State aid programs.  When accepting financial aid, the student acknowledges their obligation to maintain SAP according to the standards established by Sacramento State. 

Students who do not meet SAP are disqualified from receiving financial aid, unless they are eligible to file an appeal and the appeal is approved.  If the appeal is approved, the student is placed on probation and will be reviewed on a semester basis.  SAP is reviewed annually after Spring grades post for continuing students.  

SAP is measured in three areas and all three standards must be met

1. Minimum Cumulative GPA Standard
Students must meet the annual minimum cumulative GPA based on their career program.

Career Program GPA
Doctoral, Graduate, 2nd Masters, Unclassified Graduate, and Credential 3.0
Second Bachelor 2.5
Undergraduate 2.0


2. Overall Degree Progress Standard

Students are required to complete their degree/certificate within 150 percent of their program degree objective.

All graded coursework are counted, including transfer units, repeats, in-progress and withdrawals. SAP review also incorporates all unsuccessful coursework attempted at Sacramento State (i.e. “F”, “I”, “NC”, “W”, “WU”).

Probation Warning
Students who have completed 120 percent of attempted coursework will receive a warning notification.  This early warning enables the student to seek academic advisement for degree completion.


3. Satisfactory Pace Standard

The satisfactory pace standard is an overall ratio of Sacramento State units earned to Sacramento State units attempted.  Students must pass at least 75 percent of current and cumulative units attempted.

All graded coursework are counted, including repeats, in-progress and withdrawals. SAP review also incorporates all unsuccessful coursework attempted at Sacramento State (i.e. “F”, “I”, “NC”, “W”, “WU”).  Transfer units are not included in this calculation.


Regaining Eligibility

Regaining eligibility applies to students who have submitted an appeal for not meeting the Minimum Cumulative GPA and/or Satisfactory Pace Standard and the appeal was denied.   

Eligibility for the Spring semester or Summer semester may be regained by:

  • Enrolling without the benefit of financial aid assistance;
  • Receive passing grades to improve and meet the minimum term GPA for the courses attempted during the Fall or Spring term; and
  • Complete the Fall or Spring term with passing grades to meet the Satisfactory Pace Standard.

Please note: An undergraduate student that graduates in the fall term (degree has posted) and is now admitted into a Masters or Credential program for the Spring term must notify the Financial Aid Office of their status change to receive aid for the Spring term.


Rev. 05/23/2014