Financial Aid Repeat Policy (Federal Aid Regulation)

Beginning Spring 2013, the Financial Aid Office must monitor students' repeat coursework.   New federal regulations stipulate that federal aid may only be awarded to an undergraduate student once for a previously passed course (i.e., one repetition per class).  

Repeat Policy Conditions

  • A student may be repeatedly paid for repeatedly failing the same course.
  • For Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), each time a course is taken will count as an attempt when measuring progress toward a degree
  • If a student passes a course once and then repeats the course and fails the 2nd attempt, that failure counts as their final attempt and the student may be not paid for taking the course a 3rd time.
  • If a student passes a course once and repeats the course for a better grade, the student may not be paid for taking the course a 3rd time, even if the desired grade was not earned in the 2nd attempt.

The University Repeat Policy does not apply to the student when determining if the repeat coursework is eligible for federal student aid.

What is a Passing Grade?

For federal student aid, any grade higher than an “F” will be considered to have passed the course. NOTE: This is regardless of any university or major program policy requiring a higher grade or measure for academic purposes.

  • Passing grades are: “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” and all associated with "+" or "-" as well as a grade of “CR” (Credit)
  • Not passing grades are: “NC”, “I”, “W”, “WU”, “F”


Scenario 1:  A student takes a course that requires a grade of “C” or better.
In the first attempt, the student earns a “D”.  The student repeats (2nd attempt) the same course in a future term and earns a “C-“. The student tries for a 3rd attempt to pass the same course with the required grade of above a “C”, but cannot receive aid for the course because the course was previously passed twice.

Scenario 2:  The students 1st attempt to take a course results in an “F”.
The student then repeats this previously failed course in a future term and earns a “D+”. The student needs to earn at least a “B” in the course and decides to repeat the course for a 3rd time. This student is eligible to receive aid since the 1st attempt resulted in a failing grade and the 2nd attempt resulted in a passing grade.  Since failing grades are not counted as attempts, the student can repeat the course once more for a final time.

Scenario 3: The student's 1st attempt to take a course results in a “C”. 
A grade of “C” is considered passing for the student’s major program of study, but the student wants to earn a higher grade.  His 2nd attempt results in a “WU”. The student did not officially withdraw from the course.  He attempts the same course again.  This student cannot receive aid for his 3rd attempt because the 1st attempt resulted in a passing grade and  the 2nd attempt in repeating the course is considered to have been  the final attempt in receiving aid for the class (regardless of the grade received).

Additional Course Repeat information

Created: 02-05-2013 // Rev. 10-16-2013