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Family & Consumer Sciences

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty

Name Office / Phone Spring 2017 Office Hours Email
Wendy Buchan, Ph.D., RD
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3027
TR 10:30-noon
Jerry Cook, Ph.D.
Family Area
Mariposa 3011
M 9-10am - online, TR 10:30-11:30am
Lynn Hanna, Ph.D.
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3013
T 1-2pm; W 1:45-2:45pm; R 1:30-2:30pm
Minjeong Kang, Ph.D.
Fashion Area
Mariposa 3009
M 4:15-5:15pm, appointment required; W 11-noon & 4:15-6:15, drop in.
Y. Lakshmi Malroutu, Ph.D.
FACS Education Area
Mariposa 2045
MW 1:45-2:45pm, T 4:20-5:20pm
J. Ann Moylan, Ph.D.
Family Area
Mariposa 3025
Urvashi Mulasi, Ph.D.
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3035
TR 1-2:30pm
Dong Shen, Ph.D.
Fashion Area
Mariposa 3031
TR 9:45-10:15am, 1:45-2:45pm
Mical Shilts, Ph.D.
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3033
M 9-10am, 1:20-2:50pm, W 1:20-1:50pm
Kelly Thompson, Ph.D.
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3029
W 9-noon
Seunghee Wie, Ph.D.
Nutrition Area
Mariposa 3000
M 11-noon, T 1-3pm by appointment only-call for availability.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Lecturers

Name Office / Phone FALL 2016 Office Hours Email
Lynea Albers, RDN Mariposa 1015
M 8-8:45am
Kimberlee Caldwell Mariposa 3024
916.278.6641-no msgs.
T 6:50-7:35pm
Robert Diamond

Tahoe Hall 2081
916.278.7056-no msgs.

T 12:30-1:15, TR 3-4:15pm
Tamara Dunn Hall, Ph.D.

Mariposa 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.

T 3-4:30pm, R 11-11:45am
Michael Elfant, MS, RD Mariposa 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.
F noon-12:45pm
Reema El-Murr, MS, RD Mariposa 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.
R 4:30-5:15pm
Betty Feng, Ph.D. Alpine Hall 155
916.278.3497-no msgs.
T   2-2:45pm
Kendra Lewis Mariposa Hall 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.
W 4:15-4:45pm, 7:50-8:10pm
Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo, Ph.D., MS, RDN Mariposa 1015
MW 11-noon
Troy Nichols Mariposa Hall 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.
M 5-6pm
Anton Paulson, Ph.D. Mariposa 2047
916.278.4029-no msgs.
TR 10:15-noon
Pat Peck,MEd. Mariposa 2049
916.278.7536-no msgs.
W 9:45-10:45am
Kirsten Ransbury Mariposa 3037
916.278.6414-no msgs.
M 8-8:45am
Lisa L. Rapalyea, PhD, ATC Mariposa 2047
916.278.4029-no msgs.
MTW noon-1pm & by appointment
Sandra Samarron, Ph.D.
MRP 2049
916.278.7536-no msgs.
TR 11-12:30pm 
Barbara Shebloski, Ph.D. Alpine Hall 155
916.278.3497-no msgs.

M 1:30-2:45pm, W 11:15-11:45am, R 3-4:15pm
Cynthia Torres, Ph.D. Mariposa 3007
Food Lab

TWR  7-7:50am
Jesus Trujillo, RDN, REHS Mariposa 2049
916.278.7536-no msgs.
M 8:45-9:45am
Becky Yager, MS, RDN Mariposa 2049
916.278.7536-no msgs.
MW 7-7:30pm