Dietetic Internship Application Procedures 

Several months prior to graduation, dietetic students may apply to a supervised practice program which may also be referred to as a Dietetic Internship (DI) or a Pre-professional Practice Programs (AP4).  Application deadlines are typically mid February to commence in late summer of the same year or September to commence in January of the following year. To qualify for placement, the applicant must provide a Verification Statement or Declaration of Intent to Complete as described below in Transcript Evaluation/Verification Statement Procedures. 

Acceptance into a suprevised practice is highly competitive. Grade Point Average, volunteer or work experience related to dietetics, extracurricular activities, reference letters, personal statement, and oral interviews are several of the criteria used in selecting candidates.  Students must prepare early to strengthen their application.  A Dietetic Internship application preparation course is offered each fall to assist students with the process. In addition, individual and group advising is provided by the DPD director and faculty.

Following completion of the DI or AP4 program, the candidate is eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians.  Upon passing the exam, the candidate is eligible to become a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetic Association. Detailed information on the process of becoming a Registered Dietitian is available at

Transcript Evaluation

To determine which Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements you may already have fulfilled at other colleges/universities as well as which courses you still need to take to meet the DPD requirements and/or obtain a degree in the Special Major in Dietetics. Your transcripts will need to be evaluated according to the procedures listed below. To receive a verification statement from the DPD director at CSUS you must:
a) be a CSUS student and meet university requirements;
b) have taken all DPD required courses as approved by DPD Director;
c) have completed a minimum of 9 upper division units in the DPD including FACS 117, FACS 118A, FACS 118B at CSUS; and
d) follow the procedures for obtaining a verification statement (see below).

Transcript Evaluation for Foreign Students


1. Student who have received their degree(s) from FOREIGN universities must first have their transcripts validated as to their equivalency degree(s) from an accredited University in the the United States. Agencies available that can do this can be obtained from the American Dietetic Association at (800) 877-1600 or at the International Education Research Foundation.

a. Request a coursework area analysis when you have your evaluation done by this agency. This evaluation needs to include:

1. U.S. degree equivalence - Is the foreign degree(s) equivalent to a B.S. degree in the U.S.?
2. Semester units received for each course taken.
3. Translation of grades (e.g. %, etc.) received to letter grades (A, B, C, D, F, or P, etc.)

THIS PROCESS MAY TAKE 1-2 MONTHS depending upon the information you provide to the agency

b. Request that the agency that does your transcript validation send a copy of your original evaluation to the DPD Director and ask for a copy of the evaluation to be sent to yourself. Or submit a copy of the Foreign Equivalency Statement with a copy of all your college/university transcripts to a faculty adviser to determine what courses you must take to complete your degree at CSUS in Nutrition & Foods, a Special Major in Dietetics, or receive a Letter of Verification.

Transfer Students within the United States


1. Transfer students may have taken comparable coursework at other universities and do not need to repeat similar courses at CSUS. In addition, CSUS has articulation agreements with the California Community Colleges including Sacramento City College, American River College, and Cosumnes River College, and recognizes many junior college courses to be equivalent to certain CSUS courses. These articulation agreements can be accessed at Student who have attended other colleges/universities must bring a copy of all college/university transcripts to a faculty adviser to determine what courses must still be completed at CSUS for the Special Major in Dietetics or to the DPD Director as described below for a Letter of Verification.

Verification Statement


Upon completion of the Special Major in Dietetics (DPD program) and university graduation requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, students can request a DPD Verification Statement from the DPD Director to verify completion of the DPD course requirements. The director's signature on this form verifies that the individual has successfully completed the didactic requirements. The Verification Statement is required for entry into a dietetic internship or pre-approved practice program and must be submitted with the application packet for any Dietetic Internship.

All of the the following criteria must be met. Make sure all of the information is provided to the DPD Director in order to obtain a Verification Statement.

1. Review your coursework to ensure all courses have been completed and that you meet a minimum of the following criteria:

a) be a CSUS student and meet university requirements;
b) have taken all DPD required courses as approved by DPD Director; and
c) have completed a minimum of 9 upper division units in the DPD including FACS 117, FACS 118A, FACS 118B at CSUS.

2. Write to Dr. Hyson at Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, California State University, Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6053, to request a Verification Statement. It is essential that you include copies of all transcripts. Foreign students include your transcripts from your home country and the foreign equivalency evaluation statement as described above.
You must also include a cover letter stating the following:

a. Your official name to be used on the Verification Statement
b. Your social security number
c. Your mailing and email addresses and phone numbers (home and work)
d. Your reason for applying for a Verification Statement
e. Current academic/professional status and month/year of degree received

3. Allow at least 6 weeks for processing. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm receipt of the materials by the DPD Director.

4. You may be required to schedule a consultation with the DPD Director after submitting all required documentation.

Following the consultation either:
a. Signed copies of Verification Statement will be issued, or
b. Additional coursework requirements will be recommended and a Declaration of Intent to Complete will be issued.

* Please note that faculty are on academic break from mid-December until the third week of January and from early June until mid August and may not be readily unavailable. Please call the FACS main office at (916) 278-6393 for assistance.