Completing Special Major Paperwork

Three (3) semesters before you graduate:

  • Download and fill out special major form
  • Download and obtain a copy of SAMPLE statement letter 
    (You may include this statement exactly as written with your application for a Special Major or create your own by following the University guidelines below) 
  • University guidelines for the statement letter: "type, date and sign a carefully prepared statement setting forth the rationale for requesting the special major.  Include the specific educational or career objectives that the major is to fulfill.  Clearly explain why the proposed major is more appropriate in fulfilling the stated objective than existing authorized degree programs, minors or certificates.  If the proposed special major is a second major, the rationale should indicate the degree to which the two majors are distinguishable from one another." 
  • Complete the form and obtain transcripts or grade reports
    If you completed courses at another college, be sure to list the actual course(s) you completed and list the CSUS course requirement in parentheses. 
    CHEM 2A
    [CHEM 1A]
    General Chemistry  [General Chemistry] 5 units  Sierra College


  • Attach unofficial transcripts to your form
  • Turn in your entire packet to your FACS advisor for approval
    • Advisors: Dr. Wendy Buchan, Dr. Lynn Hanna, Dr. Dianne Hyson, 
      Dr. Mical Shilts, or Dr. Seunghee Wie

  • Sign and date your application

  • Submit entire packet to FACS Department Chair for approval - pick up form after 
    two days
    • Dr. Seunghee Wie- FACS Office.  Mariposa Hall, room 3000
  • Submit entire packet to Biological Sciences advisor and Chair approval
    • Dr. Jennifer Lundmark- Biological Sciences Office.  Sequoia Hall, room 202 
  • Submit entire packet to College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies' Associate Dean for approval
    • Dr. Dianne Hyson- College of SSIS Office - Amador Hall, room 255
  • Submit entire packet to Natural Sciences and Mathematics' Associate Dean for approval
    • Dr. Jane Bruner, College of NSM Office - Sequoia Hall, room 334
  • Make two copies (keep one copy for yourself)
  • Submit the original to Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies for approval

    Office of Academic Affairs, Sacramento Hall, room 234

How to make changes after you submit your special major form


Completing Graduation Application after approval of Special Major

  • It is not necessary to list all the courses on the graduation application form, just staple a copy of your approved special major paperwork to it and write, "SEE ATTACHED SPECIAL MAJOR APPLICATION"
  • Then submit it to FACS Department Chair (MRP 3000) for signature
  • After two days, pick up signed graduation application and take it to Admissions and Records in Lassen Hall