Puppetry & Children's Theatre

The department offers a unique program in puppetry and children's theatre under the direction of Professor Richard Bay. Courses are offered in puppetry, multicultural puppetry, advanced puppetry, children's theatre, and children's theatre production. The introductory courses are designed for future elementary school teachers as well as theatre majors. The advanced courses focus on live production of puppet and children's theatre plays.

The department also produces innovative main stage productions under the direction of Professor Bay which feature live actors and puppets. The newest production Love Suicides at Sonesaki will premiere in April 2006. Past productions have included A Midsummer Night's Dream, The 85 Minute Ring Cycle, and A Thousand Cranes. Serious puppet students also have worked with the Richard Bay Puppet Theatre and performed in the community, the State Fair, and the Sacramento Symphony and other music groups.

For further information contact:
Professor Richard Bay at (916) 278-7714
E-mail: r.bay@comcast.net