Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Department of Theatre And Dance located? 
  2. Where are the University Theatre and Playwrights' Theatre located? 
  3. Where is Dancespace, Solano Hall 1010 located? 
  4. Where is the Studio Theatre located? 
  5. Where is parking located for shows in Shasta Hall? ... Solano Hall? ... Studio Theatre?
  6. Is parking free? 
  7. What is the mailing/shipping address for the Department of Theatre and Dance? 
  8. What are the department's telephone and fax numbers? 
  9. What is my professor's contact information? hours? 
  10. Are the theatres/facilities available for rental?


1. The Department of Theatre and Dance is located in Shasta Hall. (Campus Map)

2. The University Theatre and Playwrights' Theatre are located in Shasta Hall. 
(Campus Map)

3. Dancespace, Solano Hall 1010 is located in Solano Hall. (Campus Map)

4. The Studio Theatre is located behind "The Outpost" between the Library and Capistrano Hall.

5. Parking is available for shows in Shasta Hall in "Lot 2". For shows in Dancespace, Solano Hall 1010 and the Studio Theatre parking is available in "Parking Lot 1". 

6. Parking is free for Theatre and Dance patrons in the above lots starting 45 minutes prior to the show and ending 45 minutes after the show. Subject to change.

7. The mailing/shipping address is: 

Department of Theatre and Dance
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6069

8. The department's telephone and fax numbers are (916) 278-6368 office 
and (916) 278-5681 fax. 

9. Faculty and Staff contact information and office hours are available on the Faculty Staff page.

10. Due to the department's busy production schedule the theatres/facilities are not usually available for rent.