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Destination 2010 Making Sacramentos university a vibrant, friendly, and inspriring experience. the past is our pride. the future is our present.

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Dynamic Campus Environment

Students are looking for a stimulating place to study, eat, play and live. They want options that fit their diverse, health-conscious lifestyles. Sacramento State gives students, faculty and staff a wide array of fitness, living and academic options.

Sacramento State focuses on an environment that fosters academic success, healthy lifestyles and pride in the region’s University. This commitment is evidenced through campus events sponsored by the University’s UNIQUE programs, to living options including the Upper Eastside Lofts and residence halls, including the new American River Courtyard, as well as smart classrooms and the Academic Information Resource Center.





  • The American River Courtyard is the University’s newest residence hall where students can enjoy suite-style housing on campus through state-of-the-art facilities. The complex has enlivened campus life with more students dining, studying and socializing there as well as attending lectures and campus events.

  • The WELL will be a multi-use facility providing students a one-stop shop to exercise, participate in group recreational activities, access health care services, study and socialize. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2010, the WELL will be a catalyst for a renewed and vibrant campus life. It will also be a resource for alumni, faculty and staff.

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  • The Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) building, next to the University Union, has many advantages for students. Students can find individual or group work and study areas, the IRT Service Desk, multiple computer labs, the new Student Technology Center, ubiquitous wireless access, the Honors Center and technology assisted classrooms. All four floors of the AIRC building boast comfortable and functional seating arrangements in open study areas that run the length of the building.

  • Folsom Hall, formerly the CalSTRS building, will soon be the new home for Sacramento State’s Division of Nursing. The move will provide more lab space and classrooms, keeping with the University’s goal to improve access to academic support materials and technology.

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  • A new hub has evolved around the new Hornet Bookstore. The 53,000 sq. ft. store opened July 2007, replacing the former 28,000 sq. ft. facility. It features a Java City coffee house and plenty of chairs and tables, giving students room to study or peruse a book or magazine. Students will find just about everything they need for class, from paint brushes to stethoscopes, along with mugs, glasses, T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts.