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Academic Affairs

Curriculum Workflow

Project Status

Team Dynamix
60% complete as of 4/10/17


  • Identified new course form fields and submitted all course management materials to Leepfrog
  • Updated California Promise content
  • Located courses with slash notation which prevented hyperlinking
  • Corrected missing hyperlink to BIO 10 in BIO 120
  • Concluded work on our curriculum workflow diagrams
  • Completed identification of likely support scenarios and related responses
  • Leepfrog finished their audit of our program form


  • Updates to the faculty lists completed


  • Preparing for 5/4 information session for involved faculty

Team Dynamix

News & Events

Spring 2017
We’re live! View the new CourseLeaf Sac State 2017/2018 catalog

Fall 2017
Go live for Curriculum Workflow process

Welcome to the Leepfrog CourseLeaf Project Website!

Going Paperless

The Leepfrog CourseLeaf Project is a dual-phased plan to transition our University Catalog to a new online format in Spring 2017, as well as implement the CourseLeaf curriculum workflow management module by Fall 2017. A cross-functional team, including administration, faculty, and staff are responsible for delivering on the project goal: to innovate the course catalog and streamline the curriculum management process to better serve our faculty and students.

Supporting Student Success

Part of a new “Graduation Ecosystem” supporting the Student Success & Completion Initiative, the CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) and Curriculum Information Management (CIM) Project will deliver a new online catalog and automate the curriculum management process. Its powerful online backend will interface with the KEYS to Degree Toolbox and new Smart Planner tools, completing the automation loop by supporting real-time academic curriculum management and responsive student course planning.

Project Leadership

Executive Sponsor
Dr. Ching-Hua Wang, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Project Sponsor
Chevelle Newsome, Dean of Graduate Studies, Acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Academic Affairs Representative
Todd Migliaccio (Provost Faculty Fellow)

Faculty Senate Representatives

College Representatives

For additional project information, visit the CourseLeaf project overview.