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Updated: September 5, 2005

Jonathan Kaplan

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
6000 J Street
California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, CA 95819-6082
Tel: 916-278-4367
Fax: 916-278-5768



Areas of Interest and Expertise:

Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Microeconomics; Characterization of the role of incomplete and costly information in designing environmental protection and improvement programs.

Selected Publications, reports, etc:

"Nonpoint Source Pollution Control under Incomplete and Costly Information," (with Y. Hossein Farzin) Environmental and Resource Economics forthcoming.

"An Information-Theoretical Approach to Budget Constrained Nonpoint Source Pollution Control," (with Richard E. Howitt and Y. Hossein Farzin) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 46 (2003) 106-130, doi:10.1016/S0095-0696(02)00035-9.

"Estimating Nonpoint Source Pollution: An Application of a Sequential Entropy Filter," (with Richard E. Howitt), Water Resources Research 38(3) (2002): 10.1029/2000WR000088.