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Heidi Hill Drum

Heidi Hill Drum started with the Center in 2005 as the project coordinator for the Lake Tahoe Pathway 2007 project. This project was a cooperative endeavor by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the US Forest Service, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to update their respective long-range management plans. Pathway 2007 involved extensive public outreach, facilitation and strategic advice.

Since that time Heidi has provided support to a variety of other Center projects, including spearheading the outreach effort for the launch of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and serving as a core facilitation team member for the Delta Vision Stakeholder Advisory Group. She currently facilitates the Delta Five County Technical Advisory Committee, which was organized to present a unified perspective on Delta-related issues that affect these counties.

Heidi has worked with national organizations as well as small, local non-profits. Her experience at these groups has helped her diversify the tools she uses to reach out to both large and small audiences. She has over 15 years of experience as a communications, media and public relations expert on a variety of campaigns, with nine of those years focused in the Sierra Nevada region and Lake Tahoe area. Heidi's background includes training staff, volunteers and community members on topics such as media relations, organizing, and event planning. She was a representative on the Tahoe Transportation Commission as they helped move toward developing the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization. She also helped bring a diverse group of business owners, environmental organizations and government agencies together in 1999 to plan an important Tahoe community event.

Heidi completed the Sierra Leadership Seminar with Susan Carpenter in 1999, which focuses on collaborative problem solving. In 1991, she received her BA in International Relations at Florida State University.