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Phyllis Cauley

Phyllis Cauley

Phyllis Cauley is a consultant with subject matter expertise in emergency management and homeland security. She has worked on a variety of projects with the Center including the California Disaster Mental/Behavioral Health Framework; California Radiological/Nuclear Emergency Response Plan; Alert and Warning; California Emergency Response Animal System; CaliforniaVolunteers Volunteer Resource Management System; Bay Area Regional Volunteer Management Plan; and Emergency Functions 8 (Public Health & Medical) and 11 (Food & Agriculture).

Before affiliating with the Center for Collaborative Policy in July 2006, Ms. Cauley worked for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for 26 years. She served as Preparedness Branch Manager with responsibility for the agency’s planning, radiological preparedness, hazardous materials, and geographic information system activities. In this position, Ms. Cauley oversaw the integration of the National Incident Management System with California’s Standardized Emergency Management System, the development and update of state level emergency plans and guidance documents, after action reports, and strategic plans. She also served as Interim Coastal Region Administrator responsible for coordinating emergency management activities with 16 counties.

Ms. Cauley worked in California’s state and regional Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and Joint Field Offices in a variety of positions including EOC Director and Planning/Intelligence Chief in response to the Loma Prieta, Northridge, Landers/Big Bear, and Petrolia earthquakes; 1995 and 1997 floods; Y2K; Operation Liberty Shield; Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; and the 2005-2006 Winter Storms.

Ms. Cauley has a B.A. in History from the University of California, Davis and is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers.