Meet The Dean

Dr. Pierre Balthazard, Dean

Dr. Pierre A. Balthazard serves as dean of the College of Business Administration. Balthazard is recognized as an expert in the development and deployment of psychometric and neurometric instruments that assess individual, team, and organizational phenomena, particularly in the nascent field of leader and organizational neuroscience.

Prior to his appointment to dean in January 2015, Balthazard was dean of the School of Business at St. Bonaventure University in New York. He holds a Master of Science in Management Information Systems and a joint Ph.D. in Business Administration and Systems & Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Throughout his career, Balthazard has been fascinated by the subject of leadership. He has collaborated with such luminaries as Walter Tornow, then at the Center for Creative Leadership, Robert Cooke at Human Synergystics, and Robert Thatcher at Applied Neuroscience.

According to Comstock’s magazine, “For the last 15 years, [Balthazard] has led an effort to understand how leaders’ brains are physically different from the brains of non-leaders. Today, he feels confident he has found the answers: Leaders do think differently and parts of their brains are different—and much like the human body can be re-shaped and changed with exercise, brains can be changed to enhance and maximize leadership capacities.”

Balthazard, a native of Quebec, attended school in French until beginning his undergraduate study in Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University. His experience in the diverse, multilingual city of Montreal formed the basis of his interest in inclusive leadership. He continues to explore this passion through the College’s strategic partnership with the Najafi Thunderbird Institute, spearheading the drive to advance the Global MindsetTM in CBA graduates.

An accomplished researcher, Balthazard has been involved in funded projects earning close to $6 million in expenditures from sources including NSF, DARPA, the Department of Education, the Center for Creative Leadership, the Army Research Institute, and the Army Research Laboratory.