Employers: Cooperative Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the California State University Sacramento Cooperative Education program, in partnership with faculty and employers, serves two purposes:

  • To provide upper division and graduate students with paid, degree-enhancing, professional work experience:
  • To foster the career development of lower division students by promoting and encouraging their involvement in experiential learning activities.

This mutually beneficial relationship encourages student growth by providing opportunities that link classroom theory with world-of-work practice. Cooperative Education empowers students to make informed career decisions and move toward achieving an advantage in a competitive job market while earning academic credit.


The Cooperative Education program works with students and employers to help students find paid Co-op positions, that relate to their academic majors.

How does a Co-op position differ from an internship?

While an internship may be paid or unpaid, a co-op position is always a paid position and students are required to enroll in an academic course for variable credit. Additionally, students must be a junior, senior or graduate student. Co-ops are high-level positions that allow students to directly apply what they have learned in their coursework.

Employer Benefits of Cooperative Education

  • Provides access to knowledgeable, highly qualified pre-screened candidates who perform their jobs with enthusiasm and professionalism
  • Offers cost-effective, long-term recruitment and retention
  • Helps employers meet cyclical, project or short-term needs without a long-term commitment
  • Allows for more flexibility in staffing needs; frees up higher paid employees to do higher priority work
  • Meets short-term staffing needs; Increases cost-effective productivity
  • Affords a source of fresh ideas- important to a rapidly changing industry
  • Fosters a partnership between industry and the institution in developing future work force needs
  • Grants opportunity for present employees to develop in the area of student supervision
  • Contributes to effective public relations as students return to campus and contribute positively to a company's recruiting effort and image

Posting a Co-op or Internship Position

Post co-op, internship, or student position on Career Connection.

In addition to Career Connection, business positions may also be listed with the College of Business Administration, Office of Student Affairs. CLICK HERE to go there and click on “Employers”

Engineering and Computer Science positions may also be listed with the ECS Career Services office. Click on “Post new job on Jet X” in the far right column.

Cooperative Education Handouts

Contact Information for Co-op Career Counselors

College of Engineering and Computer Science
College of Arts and Letters
Michelle Okada
Phone: 278.6827

College of Health and Human Services
College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Brigitte Clark
Phone: 278.6233
Satellite Office for HHS: Solano 5010

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
College of Education
Brigitte Clark
Phone: 278.6233
Satellite Office for NSM: Sequoia 234A

College of Business Office of Student Affairs
Send E-mail
Phone: 278.5875