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2013 Scholarship applications are becoming available, below. The Department of Biological Sciences appreciates the generosity of those whose donations made these awards possible.

Scholarship Information

See each application for deadline.
For scholarship purposes, unit eligibility requirements refer to the Fall, when scholarships are awarded, unless specified otherwise.

  • undergraduate, full-time is 12 units, half-time is 6 units
  • graduate student, full-time is 8 units, half-time is 4 units.

Scholarship Application Workshop (2013)--PowerPoint presentation (PDF) outlining strategies for finding and applying for scholarships

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships and Awards

Graduate Student Scholarships

CSUS Scholarships, and Grants

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Biography of Dr. Marda West, Professor of Botany and Ecology

Marda West

Dr. Marda West, Professor of Botany and Ecology in the Department of Biological Sciences (1966 - 2001) was a dedicated master teacher who placed students first on her list of life priorities.  Trained as a plant physiological ecologist under world-renowned UCLA researcher, Hall Mooney, "Marda", as she was known to all who had the privilege of making her acquaintance, studied the plant communities indigenous to the White Mountains of Eastern California (bristlecone pine country) and contributed significantly to our understanding of plants' physiological adaptations to differing geological substrates at high elevations.

At CSUS, Marda was a mentor for countless undergraduate, as well as graduate students, and epitomized our Department's ideal of a teacher as an intellectual magnet who inspired generations of future teachers and researchers to succeed in the face of adversity. The Department is pleased to continue Dr. West's spirit of student encouragement and support by establishing the Marda West Scholarship.