Plant and Animal Electives

Upper Division Plant and Animal Electives that meet the requirements for the BA & BS (No Concentration).

Upper Division Plant Courses

Bio 102 Natural History of Plants
Bio 103 Plants and Civilization
Bio 111 Land Plants: Evolution, Life and Times
Bio 112 Plant Taxonomy
Bio 117 Field Botany and Vegetation Inventory
MSCI 131 Marine Botany (taught at Moss Landing Marine Lab)

Upper Division Animal Courses

Bio 126 Comparative Vertebrate Morphology
Bio 157 General Entomology
Bio 162 Ichthyology: The Study of Fishes
Bio 164 Herpetology: The Study of Reptiles and Amphibians
Bio 165 Vertebrate Natural History
Bio 166 Ornithology
Bio 168 Mammalogy
Bio 169 Animal Behavior
With Advisor approval*
Bio 172* Aquatic Entomology
Bio 122* Advanced Human Anatomy
Bio 127* Vertebrate Embryology
Bio 131* Systemic Physiology
Bio 152* Human Parasitology
Courses taught at the Moss Landing Marine Lab
MSCI 112 Marine Birds and Mammals
MSCI 113 Marine Ichthyology
MSCI 124 Marine Invertebrate Zoology I
MSCI 125 Marine Invertebrate Zoology II