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Department of

Biological Sciences

Natural Sciences Advising Center (NSAC)

Three kinds of assistance are available at NSAC

  • Advising about major requirements for Biological Sciences pre-majors and transfer students in their first semester as Biological Sciences majors at CSUS*
  • Advising about the Biological Sciences minor
  • Advising about requirements for health professional schools (e.g. medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry) for any interested student

*Mandatory Academic Advising for Biological Sciences Majors and Pre-majors

Academic advising through NSAC is mandatory for all Biological Sciences pre-majors, as well as new transfer students admitted into the upper division major. This mandatory advising may be completed by appointment or drop in.

Spring 2017 Advising

NSAC will be open to students starting January 23rd. Advisors are available exclusively on a drop-in basis during the first week of classes.

Starting January 30th, students may meet with an Advisor by appointment at the following times:

  • Mon/Tues 9am-12pm
  • Wed/Thurs 1pm-5pm

To schedule an appointment please click here.

Students will be seen on a drop-in basis during all other business hours. Drop-ins for advising are accepted at any time, however students with appointments (if applicable) will be seen first. On Fridays advising is offered by drop-in only.

Students will be seen on a drop-in basis during Spring Break (March 20th-24th) and Finals week (May 15th-19th) as well.

Location: Sequoia Hall, room 238

Hours: M-Th 9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm

 F 9am-12pm, 1pm-3pm


Spring 2017 Office closures:

  • April 4th (closed 12pm-5pm)
  • April 5th (open at 10am)
  • April 14th (Closed 12pm-5pm)

Helpful Links

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Intermediate Algebra Diagnostic (IAD) Information

Frequently Asked Questions
I am a freshman and Spring 2017 is my second semester at Sac State. Do I have to make an appointment with NSAC?
Yes, freshmen in the Biological Sciences pre-major should schedule and attend an advising session in NSAC. Don't forget to bring your red advising folder.

I am a transfer student and this is my first semester at Sac State. Do I have to make an appointment with NSAC?
Yes, new transfer students should schedule and attend an advising session in NSAC during their first semester here. During this session we will help you plan for your second semester and help you find a Faculty Advisor for future semesters.

I have been a Biological Sciences major at Sac State for over two years. Do I need to make an appointment with NSAC?
Currently, NSAC advisors only have time for mandatory meetings with freshmen and transfer students in their first semester here. If you have been a student here for over two years, continue seeing the Faculty Advisor to which you have been assigned. If you do not yet have a Faculty Advisor, come to NSAC for help.

What should I bring to my advising session?
Please bring the advising folder you received at New Student Orientation. Keep that folder up to date with all college transcripts (unofficial ones printed from MySacState or previous institutions are fine) and diagnostic exam scores.

Can I just drop in for advising?
Drop-ins are accepted, but students with appointments are seen first. If you drop in, be sure you are prepared with questions and your advising folder.

What will happen if I do not attend a mandatory advising session at NSAC?
Failure to attend a mandatory advising session will lead to a hold being placed on your registration for the next semester. This may delay your registration and prevent you from enrolling in desired classes.

I am thinking of changing my major to Biological Sciences. Where do I get advising?
NSAC advisors will help you learn about pre-major and major requirements and help you complete forms for changing your major.