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Users of Internet Explorer 8 may be receiving the navigation error message shown below when trying to view SacCT course content.

Navigation error message: Navigation to the webpage was canceled

If you are unable to view SacCT course content due to a navigation error message (shown above), there are two different options to help you regain the ability to view content when using Internet Explorer version 8.

Option 1
The easiest way is listed below on this page.
Option 2
For more experienced users, please follow the Option 2 tutorial.
NOTE: To view a demonstration of both options you can visit the
Navigation Error Flash-based tutorial.


Option 1

The easiest way resets a few settings which may be preventing you from viewing or downloading SacCT content.

  1. Log out of SacCT by clicking Log Out in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the Safety menu in Internet Explorer 8, then click Delete Browsing History option.
  3. A new window appears called “Delete Browsing History” which has 7 check-boxes. Only the 1st check box should be empty (Preserve Favorite website data), but make sure to have checks for the remaining 6 check-boxes (Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History, Form data, Passwords, InPrivate Filtering data).

    Delete Browsing History
  4. Click the Delete button, which resets the items which were checked.
  5. Visit and login to SacCT again. Then select a course which was giving you the navigation error message.
  6. Click a link in the SacCT course which was giving you the navigation error message.
  7. Click the No button when a new window appears called “Security Warning.” It is very important that you click the No button for the “Security Warning”.

    Caution: Do not click the Yes button for the “Security Warning.” Clicking Yes will prevent you from viewing SacCT course content again. If you accidentally clicked Yes, please go back to Step 1 of these instructions and go through all of the steps again.

    Security Warning: Select NO. It is very important to click NO.

    Your content is now displayed properly within Internet Explorer version 8.


Last updated: August 10, 2012