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Pinnacle Studio is a video editing and DVD authoring software application for use on a PC to create digital movies with video clips, audio, images, text and a variety of effects.

Use it to transfer, edit, and publish video from a VHS tape or a Camcorder to your computer or other storage media such as a CD or DVD.  The process to make your movies is easy.  To get started follow the three steps:  capture, edit and make movie.

Why Use Pinnacle?

Create movies and presentations for your class that will help your students understand course material and to motivate class and group discussions.  Use it to enhance your courses and meet the different learning needs and styles of your students.

Work on a Project

Pinnacle is available at the Faculty Staff Resource Center (ARC 3012) Media and Captioning Project Rooms. Each room is equipped with a Windows 7 computer and a Pinnacle MovieBox to transfer video from a digital camera, video camera, and DVD/VHS player into Pinnacle Studio software.

Last updated: November 7, 2013