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iMovie has been adopted as AIT's educational video editing tool for use on Macs.


iMovie is a video editing program from Apple used to make movies with video clips, audio, text and effects.  It is integrated with other Apple products such as iPhoto, iTunes, and GarageBand, making it easier to add images and music.

With iMovie you can transfer, edit, and publish video from a VHS tape or a Camcorder to your computer or onto storage media such as a CD or DVD.  To get started making movies follow the four steps:  transfer, edit, export and link.

Why Use iMovie?

Create movies and presentations for your class that will help your students understand course material and to motivate class and group discussions.  Use it to enhance your courses and meet the different learning needs and styles of your students.

Getting Started

iMovie is available at the Faculty Staff Resource Center (ARC 3012). All new MAC computers have iMovie installed, typically. In addition, there is an analog to digital converter in the lab if you want to transfer VHS tapes to digital format, see Tutorials.

Last updated: October 29, 2013