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Graphics Library - Sacramento Photos

To use any of the images in this graphics library you do not need to copy the image to your directory. Simply copy the image HTML statement found beneath each image and paste it into your HTML document.

To request original or high resolution copies of any of these photos, please Email Michaeline Veden.

Capital building thumbnail
<img src="
sacramento/ca_capital_thumb.jpg" alt="Capital building thumbnail">

Capital building small
<img src="
sacramento/ca_capital_small.jpg" alt="Capital building small">

Capital building large
<img src="
sacramento/ca_capital_large.jpg" alt="Capital building large">

downtown from Harbor Blvd
<img src="
sacramento/downtown_from_HarborBlvd.jpg" alt="downtown from Harbor Blvd">

downtown from the side of Tower Bridge
<img src="
sacramento/downtown_from_side_TowerBridge.jpg" alt="downtown from the
side of Tower Bridge">

Tower Bridge in up position
<img src="
sacramento/TowerBridge_up.jpg" alt="Tower Bridge in up position">

four photos of Tower Bridge
<img src="
sacramento/TowerBridge_4up.jpg" alt="four photos of Tower Bridge">

Last updated: June 4, 2014   




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