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Technology Learning Center DIGITAL MEDIA

Access a variety of software applications and hardware to complete your digital media projects in the Technology Learning Center open Computer Lab area, AIRC 3012. Get started on a project by referring to the resources guides below.

Resources Guides

Guides require the use of Acrobat Reader, unless otherwise identified. Get Acrobat Reader

  • Make Movies with Pinnacle Studio
    Combine and edit video to create movies and presentations for your class with Pinnacle Studio, a Windows based video editing application.
  • Make Movies with iMovie
    Combine and edit video to create movies and presentations for your class with iMovie, a Macintosh based video editing application.
  • VHS to Digital Files
    Convert your old VHS tapes into digital format using an analog converter and a VHS machine. A digital format allows you flexibility to edit your video files before burning them onto a DVD or other storage media. Edit and create movies or presentations by combining video clips you have recorded from trips you have taken, student presentations, demonstrations, and other relevant material for your course(s).
  • Creating DVD's from VHS
    Using a DVD and VHS machine you can convert your old VHS tapes into DVD's. DVD format provides durability and flexibility to share with your students, video/movies you have created, such as student presentations from previous semesters, recorded TV programming relevant to your specific course material.
  • Creating Screen Video with Camtasia
    Capture your cursor movements, menu selections, typing, and pop-up windows to create screen videos such as a video tour of your SacCT course(s) to present at a conference, video tutorials for your students to learn how to use computer software, or a narrated power point presentation that you will post on the web, among other options.
  • Creating Screen Images with SnagIT
    Capture screen elements like menu choices, text, windows, or objects to create images that can be placed in documents, web tutorials, web pages and presentations.
  • Scanning Slides with DiMage Scanner
    Convert film slides and negatives into digital images to be used in a presentation you create using Power Point, to be placed in your Media Library in a SacCT course, or on your Faculty Website. By converting slides into a digital format you will have greater flexibility of sharing images in multiple places as well as durability.

Last updated: July 8, 2014