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Adobe Dreamweaver is an application used to create and edit Web pages - also known as a Web editor. Faculty and staff can use the software in the Faculty/Staff Resource Center (ARC 3012), while students can use the software in many of the student labs around campus.

Many faculty and staff can use the Web Content Management (WCM) system to develop and edit webpages using template-based pages. This is an easier system to use than Dreamweaver and requires no prior knowledge of HTML.

Dreamweaver is a more advanced Web editor which gives you more control over the content and style of your webpages.

If you need Dreamweaver installed on your work computer, please contact your technology consultant who supports your department.

Why Use Dreamweaver?

  • Update webpages in your department or program center.
  • Create an online presense to promote your department.
  • Develop an online vita.
  • Build instructional webpages for use in SacCT, your faculty webpage, or in your department website.

Getting Started

Want to learn how to get your Web site online? Before creating or updating your Web pages, it is important to understand the Web policies and guidelines implemented at Sacramento State.

The detailed steps listed below will guide you through the process.

  1. Request a Sacramento State Web account.
  2. Gather your materials that you want to place online.
  3. Create/edit your webpages using Dreamweaver.
  4. Preview the webpages in a browser.
  5. Upload the new or revised webpages to a Web server.
  6. View the uploaded webpages from the actual site your users will use.

Request an Account

Faculty and staff that are affiliated with Sac State and will utilize this resource for campus purposes may request an account by completing the Request a Web Server Account form.


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