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Digital Media

Faculty and staff can use our campus Mediasite Lecture Capture system to record, edit, store, and share presentations. In addition, Mediasite integrates with SacCT, making it easier to share presentations with your students. The sections below list several resources to get started using Mediasite.


Mediasite Playback Error in Firefox Browser

Some users have reported a "Media Error" when attempting to playback Mediasite presentations using the Firefox browser. We recommend that you update your Firefox Browser to the lastest version or use an alternate browser such as Chrome or Safari (Mac OS). Review the following resources for additional information.

If you need assistance with Mediasite, please contact the IRT Service Desk,
916.278.7337 or visit them in AIRC 2005.

Conversion Process

Download Your Media Files

If you previously used our old campus Video Repository, known as the Digital Media Server and “Media1,” to store and share video or audio files and you do not have copies of your media files, you can download your files from the old video repository. Visit the Download Media Files webpage for instructions.

Convert Your Media Files

Some media files, such as RealMedia, need to be converted from their current format to either MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) files. One free software, Handbrake, may convert the files to a format that can be used in Mediasite. For detail instructions, see the Handbrake document.

Upload Media to Mediasite Server

You can upload your media files to the new digital media server called Mediasite, which also works within SacCT.

Update Links in SacCT or Your Webpages

After uploading your videos to Mediasite, you can edit your links in SacCT or on your webpages.


Last updated: April 21, 2017   




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