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Web Conferencing with Collaborate

Bb collaborate is a live web conferencing application that combines video, audio, chat, presentation and sharing tools to create a variety of live interactive meetings.

It can be used as a Web presentation tool, a live chat room with audio & video, whiteboard and a multitude of other possibilities. Instructors can extend their fully online course, blended course or traditional classroom and staff can utilize the Web conferencing capabilities to hold online meetings.


The Blogs tool in SacCT provides students and instructors an area to share ongoing information about a project or share resources and ideas related to a topic of study in class. Students and instructors can read and post messages, and then add comments.  Blogs give students additional ways to express themselves and collaborate with peers online. 

Alike discussion forums, Blogs can begin with an initial post from the instructor that may contain a question(s) and/or a statement that encourages the student to provide their thoughts, opinions and comments.  As students post their messages, they are organized by date or author, and not associated by subject (as in threaded discussion topics).  Students can reply to any blog posting by creating a new message or by providing comments to any blog post.


The Discussion Board in SacCT is an area where students and instructors can post about various topics related to the course.  These topics, known as Threads are grouped into separate Forums which the instructor creates.

Forums can be set in two ways:

  1. Forum is the discussion question:  enter the discussion question as the forum’s title and add specific instructions in the description. Students reply to the forum by creating message threads. 
  2. Forum is the General Subject: Forum title contains the general subject of the discussion and students reply to a thread(s) instructor has created.

Some ways you can use a discussion forum include:

  1. Create several discussion forums to help students reflect about course material and share ideas and resources.
  2. Foster a sense of community among students and instructor
  3. Create a space for common FAQ’s where students can post questions or obtain answers to their questions about the course.  
  4. Create group forums so groups can meet online and discuss about their progress in projects


The Groups tool in SacCT can be used to provide a private space for students to develop a project or other group related work. Only group members and instructor have access to the group space. Within a group space, group members have access to several tools including: a discussion board, email, wikis, tasks, journals, chat tool and file exchange. Instructors can setup groups by either having the system randomly enroll students into a group, manually enroll students into groups or create a sign-up sheet for students to select a group of their choice.


The Wikis tool in SacCT is a collaborative tool which provides students a space to contribute and modify pages about a course topic, question/prompt, or course project. Instructors can setup a "Course" wiki which is open to all students or "Group" wikis that are only available to group members. Wikis include a tracking feature which shows changes and additions to all pages in a wiki, the history of changes to compare versions and edits made to a wiki page, and a comments feature for students and instructor to post replies or comments.

Last updated: August 5, 2014   




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