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"Unable to launch the application" or "Application Blocked by Security Settings"

Collaborate users that have installed Java 7 Update 51 or higher may see the "Unable to launch the application" or "Application Blocked by Security Settings" error display when attempting to join a session and/or watch a recording.

In order to be able to open the Collaborate session, follow the steps below to edit your Java Security Settings by changing the security level and adding a URL to the Java Control Panel.

Please Note: Changing the java security level to Medium is the least secure setting. Thus, be cautious when downloading files to your computer, and read any security prompts carefully before accepting to run or download an application.

Step 1: Edit Java Security Level and Add URL

  1. From Apple Menu, select System Preferences
  2. Click the Java icon, this will open the Java Control Panel

  1. Click the Security tab
  2. In the Security Level section, change the level to Medium

  1. Locate the Exception Site List section, click the Edit Site List button to the right
  2. From the Exception Site List window, click the Add button on lower right

  1. Click in the empty field under Location and then enter
  2. Click OK to save the URL

  1. Back on the main Security window, click Apply, then click OK

Step 2: Change Security & Privacy Setting

This setting change is optional. If you prefer, you can allow an application like Collaborate to run, by right clicking the downloaded meeting file
(jnlp) and selecting Open.

  1. From Apple Menu select System Preferences
  2. Select Security and Privacy
  3. Under the section labeled "Allow applications downloaded from;" select Anywhere (default is usually Mac App Store and identified developers 


Step 3: Launch Meeting and Accept Security Prompts

Upon clicking on a Collaborate session link, you will see a series of warnings and security prompts display. Please follow the instructions below to ensure you select the correct options at each prompt.

  1. From your SacCT course or Collaborate Public Schedule, Launch a Collaborate Session
  2. Depending on  your browser you will be prompted to Open and/or Save the meeting.jnlp file
  3. At the Security prompt stating "Do you want to run this application?" click the checkbox for I accept the risk and want to run this application then click Run

  1. At the Security Warning to "Block potentially unsafe components from being run" click Don't Block

  1. Click Don't Send if a "Blackboard Collaborate has encountered an exception" prompt displays
  2. If a Session Participation Agreement prompt displays, click Accept
  3. Select your connection speed and click Ok to proceed to open your Collaborate session or recording


Last updated: November 18, 2014   



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