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Adobe Acrobat is an application used to create and edit PDF files (Adobe Reader is the free program used to view PDF files). PDF stands for "Portable Document Format".

Why convert a file to PDF format?

  • The originating application (such as Powerpoint or Word) is not needed in order to view your file.
  • Documents in PDF format print the same across all printers.
  • Save a copy of a Web page in PDF format for offline viewing.
  • Easily apply security features (such as no printing, no editing, no copying, etc.) to PDF files.
  • PDF files can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader program.

Why Use Adobe Acrobat?

  • Create accessible PDF files from your content for other folks to easily view. Other PDF converters DO NOT create accessible PDF files (such as the "Save As PDF" on the Mac).
  • Edit your PDF files to include form elements (create "fillable" PDF files).
  • Add other interactive features, such as hyperlinks and bookmarks, to PDF files

Getting Started

  1. Contact your college ITC to obtain a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional on your University-owned computer.
  2. Use the Acrobat icon in your Microsoft Office applications to create your PDf files. Use the "Print" menu in other applications.
    For additional assistance,
  3. Don't forget -- to learn more about how to create accessible PDF files, visit the Creating Instructional Materials Web site.

Last updated: June 23, 2011