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What are the advantages of converting files to PDF?
PDF files look the same printed as they do on-screen. To view a PDF, users would not need to have the application used to create the original file. A PDF contains all embedded fonts and media that were included in the original file.
How can I create a PDF file if the Acrobat icons used to create a PDF are not available?
Create the PDF using the Print menu of the application. Go to File > Print, then select Adobe PDF from the list of printers available on your computer.
My PDF does not look like the original document. How can I remedy this?
Try creating the PDF using a different method. Methods of creating PDFs are listed in the Adobe Acrobat: Introduction handout.
Can I edit the text on a PDF?
Yes, but edits to text in a PDF can be limited. It is usually best if edits are accomplished using the original application (original document). If you wish to try editing text in a PDF, you'll need to use the Touch-Up Text tool, which is documented in the Adobe Acrobat: Introduction handout.
If I don't have the original file used to create a PDF, is there a way I can save a PDF as, for example, a Word document?
Yes, you can (in most cases), save a PDF as a Word file or other type of supported format. From the File menu, choose Save As, then select the type of file to save the PDF as using the Save as type dropdown menu. Keep in mind though, that the resulting file may not retain the formatting displayed in the PDF file.
How do you create bookmarks in a PDF?
Bookmarks are created using the Bookmarks navigation panel in Adobe Acrobat. Scroll to the location in the PDF that you'd like to place your bookmark, then click the New Bookmark icon on the Bookmarks tab. For additional information, refer to the Adobe Acrobat: Introduction handout.
How are PDF "fillable" forms created?
PDF forms that can be filled in by a user on a computer are created using Adobe Acrobat Professional. Form fields are added to an existing document by using the Acrobat Forms toolbar, located on the Advanced Editing toolbar. See the Adobe Acrobat: Introduction handout for further instructions.
Can the data filled in by a user on a PDF form be saved by the user?
Yes, if the person is using Adobe Reader 8 AND if "usage rights" for Adobe Reader have been enabled in the PDF (available in Acrobat 8 only). As the creator of the PDF, turn on "usage rights" for Acrobat Reader by going to the Advanced menu in Acrobat Professional, then choosing Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader.

Last updated: May 31, 2013