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Richard H. Reeve Museum Endowment

Professor Richard H. Reeve was the founding chairman of the Department of Anthropology at California State University, Sacramento. Reeve began a tradition in the early 1950s, which the Department continues today, of taking artifacts into the classroom to illustrate and enhance lectures.  One of the many students whom Reeve captivated with his popular teaching style was Reita E. Bell, the late wife of Professor James Bell.   In 1997, the Department received a generous donation from Professor Bell, which provided the seed money for this important fund.  The Richard H. Reeve Endowment supports the continued development of the teaching and research collections.

Contributors to the Richard H. Reeve Endowment

Professor James Bell+

* CSUS alumni

** alumni of the Department of Anthropology

+ faculty member, CSUS

++faculty member, Department of Anthropology, CSUS


Edgar Lee Jordan Museum Endowment

Edgar Lee Jordan graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 1972, with a BS in Environmental Studies. During the course of his life, he became interested in Native American culture and during his travels, he developed an extensive collection of ethnographic art. Concerned with the proper preservation of artifacts and with the promotion of ethical standards among collectors, Jordan eventually returned to CSUS to work on a Master's degree in anthropology. Mr. Jordan passed away in the summer of 2000, before he was able to complete his graduate degree. The Edgar Lee Jordan Museum Endowment was established in 2004, with a bequest from Mr. Jordan's estate, and supports the development of student and faculty exhibitions.

Contributors to the Edgar Lee Jordan Museum Endowment

Edgar Lee Jordan**

* CSUS alumni

** Department of Anthropology alumni

+ faculty member, CSUS

++faculty member, Department of Anthropology, CSUS


Donors to the Collections

The Anthropology Museum provides the Department and the University with an opportunity to engage the regional community in the discovery and appreciation of diverse cultural traditions; it serves as a training ground for Museum Studies; and it provides for the collection and preservation of material culture and folk art from around the world. These collections enhance the learning experiences of CSUS and K-12 students and provide artifacts for the Museum's exhibit program.

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Donors to the Research & Teaching Collections

Giving to the Museum

One of the ways you can make a difference is through your financial support of the Anthropology Museum. You may contribute to one of our dedicated endowment accounts, helping us to preserve the Museum's collections and to enhance the quality of our exhibitions, or you may contribute directly to the Anthropology Museum and Department. If you would like to learn more about how you can make a difference with a gift to the Anthropology Museum, please contact the Museum Director.

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