Alumni Directory Project

Alumni Directory 2013Thank you to the thousands of alumni who updated their records! Your participation has helped us collect up-to-date contact, career and academic information on our more than 230,000 alumni.

Although any changes you submit now will not make it into the printed directory, we always welcome your updated information. To make changes, please call (916) 278-6295 or email

The publication, produced by our partner, Harris Connect, contains thousands of photos, essays and listings submitted by your fellow Hornets as well as a section celebrating the 66-year history of Sacramento State.

If you purchased a directory and are unhappy, please contact the Harris Connect customer service department at (800) 877-6554. For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Harris Connect at (800) 877-6554 or

About the Directory Project

The Sacramento State Alumni Association has partnered with Harris Connect to update contact information for our alumni around the world, so that you can keep up-to-date on news and activities from campus. Harris Connect, based in Chesapeake, Va., is a trusted leader in alumni commemorative publications.

All updates are returned to Sacramento State, so that our database remains current.  Harris is only collecting information for purposes of the directory.  It is a great way to stay connected to the Sacramento State alumni community!

Using the newly collected information, Harris will produce a hardcover publication that is available for purchase.  The published directory will allow you to reconnect with old classmates.  Electronic editions will also be available.  Everyone will be offered the option of purchasing the Sacramento State Alumni Directory, but no one is under any obligation to purchase a copy in order to be included in the publication.

The publication will feature an introduction with full color pictures and a history of Sacramento State. There will also be a section for photos and memories from your days at the University. 

Please be assured that this directory project is indeed coordinated with the Sacramento State Alumni Association.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at (916) 278-4723 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Harris Connect?

We’ve partnered with Harris Connect to produce our directory. Harris Connect has been an industry leader for nearly 50 years and we are confident that this publication will meet the needs of our constituents.

If my name is listed in the directory, am I obligated to purchase a copy?

Although everyone will be given the opportunity to purchase his or her own copy of the directory, your name will be listed regardless of whether you decide to purchase a copy.

What if I don't want to be listed in the directory? What if I don't want certain pieces of information listed?

Harris Connect can still update your information, but will honor your specific request to exclude all or parts of your biographical data (including your name) from the publication.

What happens if I don't order a directory now, but change my mind later?

We have arranged to print as many directories as are ordered before we go to press. So, if you do change your mind prior to publication, you can call our dedicated toll-free number—(800) 877-6554.

What forms of payment will be accepted for the purchase of a directory?

The directory may be paid for by major credit card or check. Payment(s) may be made by credit card at the time of order or by check upon receipt of the invoice(s). We also offer installment payment plans, allowing you to pay a portion now and the rest later.

If I place an order using a credit or debit card, how will the charge appear on my statement?

On most major credit card statements, “HC” will appear with the name of the institution, e.g. HC Sacramento State. On American Express statements, “Harris Connect” will appear with the name of the institution, e.g. Harris Connect Sacramento State.

What if I decide I want to cancel the order I have placed?

Orders for the directory may be canceled by simply writing the word "Cancel" on the invoice and returning it to Harris Connect or by calling the Harris Connect Customer Service Department at (800) 877-6554.  Be sure to provide the account number when calling.