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First Time Freshmen

Students who have earned no college credit following high school.

We are CLOSED for applications for Fall 2016 - the application filing period was from October 1 - November 30, 2015

We will be open for applications for Fall 2017 from October 1 - November 30, 2016

Before you learn specifics about how to apply, check out this short video about getting into Sacramento State

Important:  All admission requirements must be met by the end of Spring 2016. Summer 2016 classes may not be used to complete admission for Fall.

You will qualify for regular admission as a first-time freshman if you:

  1. Are a high school graduate
  2. Have a qualifiable Eligibility Index
  3. Complete the fifteen-unit comprehensive “a-g” course pattern of college preparatory subject requirements with grades of C or better.

1. High School Graduate

For more information on the high school graduation requirement, click here.

2. Eligibility Index

The eligibility index is the combination of your high school grade point average and your test score on either the SAT or ACT.

SAT (scores in mathematics and critical reading) + (800 x high school grade point average)

10 x ACT composite score (without the writing score) + (200 x high school grade point average)

*California residents within our local admission area must have a minimum index of 2900 using SAT scores or 694 using ACT scores. Eligibility for California residents outside our local admission area will be determined by the characteristics of the applicant pool after all applications are collected. Non-California residents must have a minimum index of 3502 using SAT or 842 using ACT scores.

* Local admission area: A student who graduated from a high school in Sacramento, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, San Joaquin, Sierra, Solano, or Yolo county is considered in our local admission area.


Your grade point average is based on grades earned during 10th through 12th grades of college prep courses. You may receive bonus points for each C or better in approved honors or AP courses.


Up to eight semesters of honors courses taken in the last two years of high school can be accepted. Each unit of A in an honors course will receive a total of 5 points; B, 4 points; and C, 3 points.

3. Subject Requirements

The CSU requires first-time freshman applicants to complete with a grade of C or better the following comprehensive pattern of college preparatory study totaling 15 units. A "unit" is one year of study in high school:

Subject Requirements
Area Subject Units
A History/Social Science 2 years Must Include one year of US History and government
B English 4 years
C Mathematics* 3 years  (Algebra, Geometry, and Intermediate algebra)
D Laboratory Science*
2 years
(One Biological, one Physical; both with a lab)
E Language other than English* 2 years Subject to waiver; must demonstrate equivalent competence
F Visual Performing Arts (VPA) 1 year Must be a year-long VPA course in a single area
College Prep Elective
1 year Selected from the above areas or other approved A-G courses

* Additional units recommended.

For a list of your school's approved A-G courses visit:https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/ .

For complete details on subject requirements visit:www.CSUmentor.edu .

Must know for new applicants

Apply during priority application filing period:

October 1 - November 30 for the Fall semester

Have an unofficial copy of your high school transcript handy when you complete your application for admission. Your admissions decision will be based on self reported information entered on the application—Accuracy is critical!

Take SAT and or ACT no later than December of your Senior Year.

Important Dates for Fall 2016 Admission
October 1 - November 30 Priority dates to submit application for admission
December 5, 2015 Last opportunity to take the SAT test
December 12, 2015 Last opportunity to take the ACT test
December 17, 2015 Deadline to submit application fee or application fee waiver
January 21, 2016 Deadline to submit SAT or ACT test scores
March 1, 2016 Check My Sac State for admissions decision


Failure to adhere to any of the above deadlines will result in your application for admission being removed from consideration.

Be "College Ready" vs. meeting the minimum eligibility requirements!  See the Pathway to College Readiness and visit csusuccess.org for more information and helpful resources.


If you intend to major in one of our Designated Impacted Programs, please check with that program for supplemental criteria, application instructions and important deadlines:

Pre-Major vs. Expressed Interest - what does this mean for you?

  • Pre-Major – A designation for undergraduate students pursuing a non-impacted major.  These students may declare or be assigned major status upon admission to the university or by the department/program of their intended major  after completing specified pre-requisites as defined by their academic department/program.
  • Expressed Interest – A designation for undergraduate students interested in pursuing an impacted major but who may not declare or be assigned by the department/program of their intended major upon admission to the university.  These students must successfully complete any specified pre-requisites and a supplemental admissions process in order to be formally admitted to the major/program.

Visit the Office of Academic Affairs Policy Definition page here.  Learn more about Impaction and a list of Impacted Majors by visiting our Impaction page here.

Tips from Sacramento State Admissions Counselors:

Set up your CSU Mentor account early at www.csumentor.edu

  • Explore all 23 CSU campuses
  • Complete the High School Planner
  • Get accurate GPA calculations (grades 10-12)

Be sure to contact your Sacramento State Regional Representative

Regional Representatives will visit designated high schools, and it is important to attend a session if one is held at your campus.

Take a campus tour: http://www.csus.edu/admissions/Campus%20Tours/index.html

Applying for Financial Aid? Be sure to report the correct social security number on your Admission application so that the Financial Aid Office can download your FAFSA with no delays!

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