Faculty Senate Representatives (Senators)

The membership of the Faculty Senate shall be composed of:

  • representatives of the electing units;
  • four representatives to be elected at-large by the temporary faculty from those temporary faculty who are teaching six or more units during the semester in which the election is conducted;
  • chairs of certain standing committees of the Faculty Senate (as specified in the committee's charge), as at-large non-voting members, unless such chairs are already serving on the Senate as representatives of the electing units;
  • statewide academic senators, as ex officio, non-voting members;
  • President or designee of the Emeritus Association of CSU, Sacramento, as an ex officio, non-voting member;
  • three student representatives, as non-voting members, chosen by, and in a manner determined by, the Associated Students of CSUS.

(Bylaws of the Faculty Senate, California State University, Sacramento, Article I. A. Membership)

2014-2016 Representatives Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Sacramento State ASCSU Representatives

Elected Representatives by College: 

Rev. 8/20/14