Jean-Pierre Bayard

Academic Technology & Creative Services

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Sacramento State
6000 J Street 
Sacramento, CA 95819
Academic Information Resource Center (ARC) 3005
Phone: (916) 278-3370
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Professor Jean-Pierre Bayard is a professor of electrical and electronic engineering at California State University, Sacramento, and the Director of Academic Technology & Creative Services.  He is one of the leading faculty members on his campus in the area of effective use of learning technologies in teaching and learning.  He has developed a number of interactive learning and testing modules for introductory level electrical engineering courses.  He has contributed to a multimedia CD accompanying the McGraw-Hill’s circuit analysis text by Alexander and Sadiku, and developed several interactive CD-ROMS used for training purposes by the Office of Water Programs.  He has participated in the distance-learning program on his campus by producing web-based and televised courses for the Sacramento region.  At the National Institute for Science Education (NISE), he was the National Partnership for Advanced Computing Infrastructure-funded full-time Fellow representative.  In that capacity, Dr. Bayard served on the College Level One Team as a liaison between the NPACI Education, Outreach and Training effort and the Institute for Learning Technology (ILT). His primary efforts were to develop materials for the ILT Web site including the Case Studies, and vignettes.  In the spring of 2005, he was asked to serve on the Educational Program Review Committee for the educational component of the NSF Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology (CBST) located at the University of California, Davis.  As such, he periodically reviews grant applications from university programs seeking to encourage students to join science-related disciplines, and helps promote science education and biophotonics in the K-20 Sacramento arena. 

In August of 2004, Dr. Bayard was selected to direct the division of Academic Technology and Creative Services (ATCS).  The unit is responsible for training, development and production of media (text, graphics, web and video) materials for faculty, staff, as well as provided contract services for state and local agencies.  ATCS is comprised of the Distance & Distributed Education, Production and Creative Services, and Academic & Information Technology units.

Academic Technology and Creative Services