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Division of Academic Affairs

Office of Undergraduate Studies

  • Announcements

    The GE/GR Course Review Subcommittee will be reviewing Area C Syllabi during Spring 2016.

    For additional information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

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  • General Education

    In order to graduate with an undergraduate degree, also known as a Baccalaureate Degree, you need to complete at least 120 units. These units include courses that are specific to your major (e.g., engineering, philosophy, journalism, etc.) and it also includes courses referred to as General Education. Beginning with the 2014/15 University Catalogue, students must complete 48 units of General Education requirements. These courses serve as a complement to your major. You can choose from hundreds of GE courses to complete your requirements in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and life-long learning. Many students complete their GE classes at Community College, and in addition to GE being offered during the academic year, courses are also offered during the Winter Intersession (3 week session) and/or summer school. 

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  • Accelerated College Entrance (ACE)

    The ACE Program allows qualified high school students (11th and 12th grade only) to enroll in classes at Sacramento State and earn university credits while completing regular high school studies. Through ACE, advanced high school students can study subject matter which may not otherwise be available to them. Qualified students may take courses at Sacramento State provided that they maintain good academic standing with both the University and their high schools. Credits earned while participating in ACE may be applied to degree programs at Sacramento State or may be transferred to other universities.

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  • Center for College & Career Readiness (CCR)

    CCR focuses on students transitioning from high school to community college and/or university. Specifically, CCR supports students to become academically ready and to develop and/or strengthen skills that will allow them to be successful once they graduate from high school. CCR works with students in 217 high schools in 10 counties. We also work with students at Sac State through the Early Assessment Program (EAP) and the Transition to Success Program. 

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  • Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)

    The mission of the CTL is to provide activities and services that help individuals, departments, and programs to identify and achieve their desired level of teaching excellence. The Center seeks to achieve this mission through one-on-one consultation with faculty members, presenting workshops for both departments and the campus community on a variety of college teaching issues, referral to and about partnering with other support offices for assistance outside the Center's area of service, and publications about university teaching. The Center director also consults with departmental chairs and committees and college and campus administrators on faculty development issues.

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  • Community Engagement Center (CEC)

    CEC works to create opportunities for members of the Sacramento State campus – students, faculty, staff – to be connected, engaged and committed to doing and being involved in community-based work. Our mission is to engage members of the Sacramento State campus, through their educational experiences, to become aware of and respond to local and global community concerns through Service Learning, Volunteerism and Academic Internships. Our vision is to create a campus climate that promotes community awareness and involvement and supports students to become civically-minded graduates who are actively involved in making a difference both locally and globally. 

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  • First Year Experience (FYE)

    FYE's goal is to give every first-time college student at Sac State a great first year. They do this by:

    • Offering small classes (no more than 25 students) known as First Year Seminars and Learning Communities;
    • Providing student to student mentors in class and in the FYE Space
    • Providing a space for first year college students to study, meet others, relax, and get mentoring for college success
    • Hosting activities and speakers that are specifically for first-year students
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  • General Education Honors Program

    The General Education Honors Program offers qualified and highly motivated students an opportunity to have a challenging, innovative, and stimulating learning experience. Through small class sizes (around 25 students), students experience classroom settings which promote discussion, integrative learning and a global perspective. The Honors Program is open to incoming freshman; we do not accept transfer students.

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  • University One Book Program

    The Sacramento State University One Book Program selects a book each year to bring together the Sac State community and the Sacramento region. In addition to the long-awaited Author Day each year, the Program offers many other exciting events through the academic year. The One Book Program strives to select a book that will serve as a catalyst for considered conversations focusing on issues of social justice. The books we choose books tend to just push along the edges, so while people may start conversations with feelings about the book or topic, they soon move into thoughtful, intellectual engagement with one another.

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Learn It, Do It, Share It, BE IT!

Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Studies! We work directly with students – those who have yet to come to Sac State, those who are just starting with us and those who are transferring from other colleges and/or universities. We also work with faculty members who are interested in developing courses that meet General Education/Graduation Requirements. 

Our office, which connects with all 27,000+ Sac State undergraduate students, is composed of five programs and three centers, all of which are dedicated to supporting you -- whether you’re a high school student who is college bound or a first-year student or a senior about to graduate. We want you to learn as much as you can, engage in numerous opportunities and activities to explore and grow, share what you’ve learned with your peers and figure out who you want to be when you graduate. 


Sacramento Hall, 234

6000 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95819

Campus Zip: 6016

Tel: (916) 278-5344

Fax: (916) 278-7648


Chevelle Newsome, Ph.D

Acting Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Todd Migliaccio, Ph.D

Provost's Fellow for Student Success

Kaitlyn Ehrmantrout

Assistant to the Dean 

Our Mission, Our Vision

 Our Mission and Vision Statements will be posted soon!