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Office of Academic Affairs

Grade Appeal Coordinator:

Emily A. Wickelgren, Ph.D.
Sacramento Hall, Room 234
(916) 278-5344

Student Grade Appeals

  • Grade appeals must be filed during the first 5 weeks of the semester following the disputed grade.  The deadline for filing grade appeals for Fall 2016 is 5:00 pm on Friday, February 24, 2017.
  • Students should first attempt to resolve the grade dispute with the professor before or during the first two weeks of the following semester.  If that doesn't resolve the matter, students should speak with the Department Chair (on or before the Monday of 3rd week of the semester).
  • If the Department Chair is unable to resolve the dispute, the student may file a formal grade appeal with Academic Affairs.

Filing a formal appeal:

  1. Read through the Grade Appeal Policy, which explains the criteria and procedures for filing an appeal.
  2. Fill out the Grade Appeal Form, and get the Department Chair's signature. Turn in form, along with supporting documentation, before 5 pm on the Friday of the 5th week of classes to the Office of Academic Affairs (Sac Hall 230).

Supporting documentation should include, if possible:

  • A statement as to why the grade is being disputed (must make clear how the grade was assigned arbitrarily, capriciously, and/or with prejudice).
  • A syllabus for the class
  • Evidence to support the claim of arbitrary, capricious, and/or prejudicial grading:

Any record of communications with the professor (e.g. copies of emails, etc.)
Statements from other students or faculty who were witnesses
Copies of assignments, papers, exams, etc. that are relevant to the appeal
Any other documentation that supports the claims made in the statement.

Grade Appeal Policy

Grade Appeal Form